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* Please kindly note that this special offer is applicable to the Indian region ONLY.


●   High efficiency up to 82%

●   No-load input current as low as 5mA

●   Operating temperature: -40℃ to +105℃

●   Continuous short-circuit protection

●   Isolation voltage: 1500 VDC

●   Meets UL62368, EN62368

MORNSUN takes innovation very seriously and is an essential part of its development programme for the power industry and to bring improved customer experiences. The use of independent oscillator IC technology leads the path in a new direction of innovation, and makes B0505S-1WR3-I has addressed many of the shortcomings of traditional low cost components (such as short circuit protection, large capacitive loads, light load efficiency and over temperature protection) whilst still reducing costs.

5 Reasons to buy,B0505S-1WR3-I
  • IC technology provides over-temperature protection (OTP) and continuous short circuit protection(SCP)

  • Capacitive load rises from 220uF to 2400uF, even 4000uF, CC mode starts normally

  • Efficiency over 82% at full load (100% load) and over 75% at light load (10% load)

  • Higher reliability: over 40% reduction of the internal component count by high integration

  • Backward compatibility with R1 & R2 series

Critical performance features comparasion
Specifications B0505S-1WR3-I Other brand
Ripple & noise (mV) ≤30 &75 ≤50 & 100
Typ. efficiency at full load (100%) 82% 79%
Typ. efficiency at light load (10%) 75% 45%
Stand-by power consumption (W) 0.025 N/A
No-load current (mA) 5 25
Max. capacitive load (uF) 2400 470
Continuous SCP YES N/A
Operating temperature -40°C to +105°C 40°C to +85°C
CE Meets CISPR32/EN55032
Meets EN55032
Class A, B

When considering using an industrial DC/DC converter, the absolute essentials are excellent performance, high quality and cost-effectiveness. MORNSUN’s latest generation unit B0505S-1WR3-I, attempts to solve some of the industries wider challenges yet still maintaining the balance between performance and cost.

The industry challenges 
                            of DC/DC converter

Short Circuit Protection(SCP) VS Large Capacitive Load


Capacitive Load VS Start-up


Efficiency at Full Load VS High Efficiency at Light Load & Low Stand-by Power Consumption

Special Statement: The above offer is applicable to the Indian region ONLY, and MORNSUN reserves the right to have the final interpretation.

High & low
                            temperature, Efficiency 
                            at light 
                            load, Efficiency 
                            at light 
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