Is there any power supply system that can fit all of your specific requirements in one? As an SMPS manufacturer, MORNSUN has the optimal power solutions for you. From modules ranging from 15W to 5000W, MORNSUN offers a wide selection of AC/DC enclosed switching power supplies that feature a wide input voltage range, a wide operating temperature, and excellent EMC performance, which is ideal for a wide range of industries such as industrial automation, instrumentation, charging station, LED, street light control, electric power, smart home, IoT and medical, etc. In addition to meeting the newest technological needs in the industry, our AC/DC enclosed SMPS goes a step further, offering an optional conformal coating to ensure protection from humidity and airborne contaminants. Check these cost-saving, advanced SMPS below, we guarantee to have the piece perfect for your machines!

Pros and Cons of SMPS

A switching mode power supply (Switched Mode Power Supply, Switch-mode Power Supply, referred to as SMPS), also known as switched power supply, switching converter, is a high-frequency power conversion device. Its function is to convert a level of voltage into the voltage or current required by the users through different forms of topology. Switched power supply has the following advantages.

1. Low power loss and high efficiency. The power transistor works alternately in the on-off switch state and the switching speed is very fast, which makes the power consumption of the transistor very low and the conversion efficiency can be greatly improved. The efficiency of SMPS can be as high as 95%, while the efficiency of linear power supply can only reach 30% to 40%. In addition, it has the key features of small size, lightweight, and lower cost. Because the bulky power frequency transformer is not needed, and the dissipative power of the transistor is greatly reduced, the larger heat sink is saved, so the volume and weight of the SMPS are only 20% to 30% of that of the linear power supply, and the cost is lower accordingly.

2. Wide range of voltage stabilization. The output voltage of the switching power supply is adjusted by the duty cycle of the excitation signal, and the change of the input signal voltage can be compensated by frequency modulation or width modulation. In this way, when the voltage of the power frequency grid changes to a certain extent, it can still guarantee a relatively stable output voltage.

3. Smaller Size. At present, the working frequency of the switching power supply is basically 50kHz, which is more than 1000 times that of the linear power supply, enabling the filtering efficiency of the rectifier by almost 1000 times. Under the same ripple output voltage, when adopting a switching power supply, the capacity of the filter capacitor is only 1/500~1/1000 of that in the linear power supply. The efficiency of the filter is greatly improved, resulting in the capacity and volume of the filter capacitor being greatly reduced. The volume of SMPS is much smaller than the linear power supply's volume.

However, SMPS also has the disadvantages of a more complex control circuit and higher requirements for manufacturing technology and maintenance.
Besides, there is switch interference in SMPS. Due to the frequent switching of the transistor, the AC voltage and current converted by the transistor produce spike interference and resonance interference through the components in other circuits. If these interferences are not suppressed, eliminated, and shielded, they will be connected to the power grid, resulting in electromagnetic interference, thus affecting the normal operation of other equipment nearby.

The Trends of SMPS

The trends of SMPS technology are higher frequency, higher efficiency, lower ripple noise, anti-interference, and modularization. The key to realizing the goal of lightness, thickness, and small size of SMPS is the high-frequency technology, so the major switching power supply manufacturers are committed to the simultaneous development of new highly intelligent components. As an SMPS manufacturer, MORNSUN is dedicated to helping promote the development of the switching power supply industry. It offers a wide selection of AC/DC enclosed switching power supplies ranging from 15W to 5000W that fit these key requirements and help future-proof our customers' systems in a broad spectrum of industries.

The reliability and performance of our power supply rank as one of the top value propositions we are proud to offer.









Advantages of MORNSUN AC/DC Switching Power Supply

Wide Selection, Reliable Performance, Reasonable Price

  • Temperature & Altitude

    Operating temperature: -30℃ to +70℃
    Operating altitude up to 5000m

  • Multiple Protections

    Output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage,
    over-temperature protection
    Conformal coating is available

  • High Reliability

    Isolation up to 4000VAC
    Withstand 5G vibration test
    Low ripple & noise

economical enclosed switching AC DC power supply LM/LMF SMPS
  • Optional Input Range

    Universal input: 85-305VAC or 85-264VAC
    Special input: 165-264VAC

  • High Efficiency

    High efficiency up to 95%
    Low standby power consumption
    Active PFC function is available

  • EMC Performance

    EMI: CISPR32/EN55032 CLASS B
    EMS: IEC/EN 61000

  • Complete Certifications

    IEC/EN/UL62368, IEC/EN60335
    EN61558, GB4943

Power Solutions Overview of MORNSUN Switching Power Supply

  • Industrial Automation

  • Charging Station

  • Electric Power

  • Smart Buildings

  • Medical Device

  • Environmental Protection

  • IoT

  • More

Applicable for a wide range of industries

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MORNSUN - AC/DC Power Supply Manufacturer

Technical team. Our R&D engineers at MORNSUN have designed varied AC/DC power supplies catering to the various needs of your power systems. You can choose one or more of our advanced and cost-efficient components, from board mount AC/DC converters and enclosed switching power supplies to DIN Rail power supplies. Guided by the service principle of "trustworthy", MORNSUN offers the best products, fast and local service, and efficient pre-sales and after-sales support for clients worldwide.

MORNSUN provides professional power supply services. Backed by a perfect management system that consists of advanced research technology, a high-quality raw material platform, advanced equipment, excellent manufacturing process management, specialized screening sequence on reliability and rich experience, each solution from MORNSUN is designed to improve the stability, safety, and reliability of your power system.

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