MORNSUN is committed to bringing you highly reliable industrial power supplies, which ensure your system operating smoothly and maximize the performance.
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10W SIP8 Space-saving Wide Input Voltage R3 DC/DC Converters The  URB_S-10WR3  and  VRB_S-10WR3  series provide a 4:1 and 2:1 wide input volta... MORE
High Efficiency Non-isolated DC-DC Converter——K78xx-2000R3 Series MORNSUN adds a new switching regulator series K78xx-2000R3 rated at 2A to its non-isolated DC-DC conv... MORE
High Isolation Dual Regulated Output DC/DC Converter QAU242D2G Specialized for IGBT Driver MORNSUN launched a high isolated dual regulated output DC/DC converter module QAU242D2G (patent-protec... MORE
5-20W Cost-effective Multi-output AC/DC Converters LHE series Due to the popularity of previous single output series LDExx-20Bxx and LHExx-20Bxx, MORNSUN adds 5-20W... MORE
New DC/DC converter R3 Series in High Power Density  MORNSUN 6-30W wide voltage R3 DC/DC Converters are designed with low no-load power consumption,... MORE
Brand New Generation MORNSUN Fixed Input Voltage DC/DC Converters R3 series MORNSUN fixed input voltage R3 DC/DC converters (hereinafter "R3 converters") blossom to create the Ul... MORE
MORNSUN Expands Rail R3 DC/DC converters up to 40W in 2*1 package  MORNSUN recently launched a new Rail R3 DC/DC converters URF1D_LD-40WR3, as an extension of MOR... MORE
MORNSUN New SMD DC/DC Converter Module CF0505XT-1WR3 for Automotive Applications MORNSUN recently launched a new SMD DC/DC converter module CF0505XT-1WR3, which is specifically desig... MORE
Fixed Input Voltage DC/DC Converters R3 series are to Bring the Ultimate Customer Experience When it comes to industrial power supply, the first idea in mind is excellent performance, high quali... MORE
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