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MORNSUN Power is a leading vertical industrial power supply manufacturer and carries over 6,000 models of standard power supply products to satisfy all the power customers need. MORNSUN specializes in AC/DC converters, DC/DC converters, enclosed switching power supplies, etc.

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    Enclosed SMPS
    AC/DC - Enclosed SMPS

    MORNSUN AC DC enclosed switching power supplies feature complete EMC tests and protections, high efficiency and wide selection. MORNSUN ac dc switched-mode power supply withstands 300VAC surge input for 5s. 305RAC (305Vin reliable under all-conditions) SMPS included. These SMPS meet IEC/EN61000-4, CISPR32/EN55032, IEC/UL/ EN62368, EN60335, GB4943 standards and are widely used in areas of industrial, LED, street light control, electricity, security, telecommunications, smart home, etc.

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    AC/DC - On-board

    On-board AC to DC power supply is using in more and more emerging applications, we are expanding and enhancing our product portfolios to provide you with diverse selections of package configurations (SIP, DIP, open-frame, etc.), input/output voltage options and multiple protections. Range from 1 to 550W, This PCB mounted smps ac to dc converter features compact size, high reliability, wide operating temperature range, etc., which can meet your requirements of different applications.

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    Fixed Input
    DC/DC - Fixed Input

    MORNSUN 0.2-3W fixed input DC DC converter features compact size and high power density. It can be used in application where the voltage of the input power supply is stable. The ultra-compact volume is an ideal solution for communications, instrumentation and industrial electronics applications. And the operating temperature range is -40°C to 85°C, even up to 105°C, which is suitable for automotive industry. We hope that those high-efficiency, excellent-quality, and cost-effective DC DC converter is an ideal fit for your application needs.

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    Wide Input
    DC/DC - Wide Input

    MORNSUN 1-400W wide input DC DC converter includes 2:1/4:1/7:1/8:1/10:1 ultra-wide input voltage and single or dual output with multiple package, which is designed to meet a variety of packaging requirements, such as SIP, DIP, SMD, open frame, chassing mounting or DIN-Rail. It can be widely used in industrial control, medical devices, power electronics, instrumentation, rail transportation, communications, etc. We hope that those high-efficiency, excellent-quality, and cost-effective DC DC converter is an ideal fit for your application needs.

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    Switching Regulator
    DC/DC - Switching Regulator

    MORNSUN DC DC switching regulator is the high efficiency non-isolated dcdc converter with the package of SIP, DIP, SMD or chassing mounting, and the efficiency is high up to 95%. The newest regulated output K78-R4 series released recently has undergone a fundamental change in dimension and packaging which manufactured via the chiplet SiP(system in package) process, and the appearance of R4 has changed from the simple and roughness to the refinement.

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    Transceiver Module
    Signal Isolation - Transceiver Module

    MORNSUN transceiver modules include CAN, RS485, RS232 transceiver module and protocol conversion module. Those modules with DIP, SMD, open frame package also features compact size, surge and ESD bus protection, a maximum isolation voltage up to 10000VDC, and so on. We hope those transceiver modules are an ideal fit for your application needs.

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MORNSUN, a national high-tech enterprise headquartered in China, has grown into a leading vertical industrial power supply manufacturer. Keeping the spirit of being forerunner, MORNSUN specializes in magnetic isolation technology and product research and application, and manufactures high-quality products include AC/DC converter, DC/DC converter, adapter, isolation transmitter, IGBT driver and LED driver, etc. most of which got UL, CE, CSA, CB and DoE Level VI certification.

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