• 18.The power source of single output modules in series connection may produce high voltage. Why the ripple & noise is higher than that in the single oFAQ Like (1)
  • 17.What are the reasons and solutions for low output voltage?FAQ Like (1)
  • 16.Will the connection method of the oscilloscope ground lead and bandwidth setting influence the ripple & noise test results? What kind of method canFAQ Like (1)
  • 15.How to select module when there is an imbalance in the use of dual output load?FAQ Like (2)
  • 14.How to meet the requirement for ripple & noise when using low-power converters?FAQ Like (0)
  • 13.When the product supplies power to five AD (or other IC chips), what can be done if the AD (or other IC chips) is damaged by lightning?FAQ Like (0)
  • 12.Does it make a difference when connecting a tantalum capacitor to the input and output terminal of the module?FAQ Like (0)
  • 11.What is the difference between slow-break fuses and other fuses?FAQ Like (0)
  • 10.Why does the output load of the module fail to start up when it is an inductive load (motor coil)? How can it be solved? FAQ Like (0)
  • 9.Does the reflected ripple & noise of the input terminal of the fixed voltage module influence the operation of the system?FAQ Like (0)
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