• 28. Why does the module damage when it starts up?FAQ Like (1)
  • 27. Since the build-up of input voltage of the module is slow, the output voltage is unregulated. How can it be solved?FAQ Like (0)
  • 26. Why is protection triggered in a high temperature situation during module application?FAQ Like (0)
  • 25. What will happen if the input voltage is lower than the required output voltage? Is there normally a large surge current at the moment of startup FAQ Like (2)
  • 24. What if incorrect protection occurs during IGBT driver debugging?FAQ Like (0)
  • 23.Why do the positive and negative voltages change when the load of AC/DC positive and negative dual output products is unbalanced?FAQ Like (0)
  • 22.Why does the module motor fail to start up?FAQ Like (1)
  • 21.Why it is not recommended for customers to use the module under no-load or light load conditions?FAQ Like (1)
  • 20.What is the possible reason for the surface temperature rise of the power module case?FAQ Like (1)
  • 19.During the ripple & noise test, the module experiences interference in the actual application environment. How to solve this problem? FAQ Like (2)
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