Alarm System for Railway Switch Gap


The comprehensive monitoring system of railway switch measures the switch resistance in the field and monitors the displayed gap images of the railway switch synchronously to make the real-time collection of the vibration acceleration of the switch under hide vibration. The system realizes the real-time monitoring of multiple parameters and dynamic process images, controls the actual operating conditions comprehensively and alarms the changing trends and anomalies ahead of time.

The output bus voltage of AC-DC products is 24VDC, which is for the load of the back-end system. The load of system mainly includes the main-control chip, transceiver and so forth. The voltage supplied by DC-DC module and power converter ensures the stability of supply voltage and the reliable operating of the system.

The system is applied in the field, which has the functions of real-time monitoring of gap image and resistance in the field. Therefore, it can control the switch operating conditions comprehensively and synchronously, alarm the changing trends and anomalies ahead of time, overcome the shortcoming that periodical manual examination can not realize the monitoring instantaneity and trend alarming, greatly reduce the malfunction of the switch equipment, enhance the efficiency of transportation and ensure the rail safety.