LM100-10Dxx series of power converter design features two isolated outputs, which can independently supply two different loads in the system that need to be isolated from each other. The products can be used in harsh working environments with an ambient temperature range from -30℃ to +70℃, without the need of a fan for further heat dissipation. In addition, the converters EMC immunity performance meets the requirements of IEC61000 standard and meet emission standard CISPR32/EN55032, class B without any external components, thus providing excellent EMC protection. The products also meet IEC/EN/UL62368, EN60335, GB4943 safety standards. The converters integrate a variety of protection features and offer a high-performance to low-cost ratio providing the best power solution for a variety of industries such as industrial control equipment, instrumentation and smart home and building equipment application.


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Product No. Power(W) Vin(VAC) Nominal Vout and Io(V/A) Operating Temperature No. of Outputs Efficiency(%) Isolation(VAC) Footprint & 3D Certification Datasheet Sample Buy
LM100-10D1224-20 96 90~264VAC/120~373VDC 12V/4A,24V/2A -30℃ to +70℃ 2 87 3000 3D MODEL CE - LM100-10D1224-20 - sample request buy on line
LM100-10D0524-30 97 90~264VAC/120~373VDC 5V/5A,24V/3A -30℃ to +70℃ 2 85 3000 3D MODEL CE - LM100-10D0524-30 - sample request buy on line

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