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Compact Size RS485 Isolated Transceiver Modules-TD-M485 SeriesMay 28, 2019      view:

With the popularity of TD_MCAN/TD_MCANFD series, Mornsun launched compact size isolated transceiver modules - TD301M485/TD501M485. The two new modules adopts IC integrated technology to integrate power isolation, signal isolation, RS485 communication and bus protection in one module. Besides, the volume of TD-M485 series is 60% smaller than the conventional products. In addition, TD-M485 series has automatic send and receive data function and no longer need CON pin which reduce the complexity of the design.

Widely used in industrial communication, grid power and instrumentation applications.

Compact size, DIP8 package, 12.70*10.16*7.70mm(L*W*H)
● High baud rate of up to 500kbps
● Operating ambient temperature range: -40℃ ~ +85℃
● Two-port isolation test voltage (2.5kVDC)
● Automatic send and receive data function
● The bus supports maximum 64 nodes
● Integrated isolation and ESD bus protection in one module
● Meets EN62368 standards(pending)

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:     TD5(3)01M485

Product Number:

Series No of Channel Transmission Rate (bps) Vin (VDC) Notes Number Isolation (VDC) Package Features Datasheet Sample
TD301M485 1 500K 3.15~3.45 64 2500 DIP8 Compact size, automatic switch - -
TD501M485 1 500K 4.75~5.25 64 2500 DIP8 Compact size, automatic switch - -
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