A photovoltaic (PV) system is a system composed of photovoltaic array, combiner, DC power distribution cabinet, inverter, boosting transformer, etc. Higher input and output voltage levels can reduce line losses of the AC/DC side and wiring losses of low-side voltage of the transformer, which is helpful to increase the system efficiency of the power station.In addition, power density improvement and compact size for the system can save the costs of transportation and maintenance.
MORNSUN's 1500V high input voltage DC/DC converters can directly get electricity from the bus voltage of PV strings and then convert it to supply power for the monitoring unit. They are widely used in applications of photovoltaic combiner box, photovoltaic inverter, energy storage system, wind energy conversion system, UHV tran-smission, SVG, etc.

Photovoltaic System and Typical Applications

Potovoltaic Power Generation System and Typical Applications
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