New Energy

The new energy industry is expected to generating hundreds of billions of dollars in economic activity and continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. There are huge opportunities for countries that invent, manufacture and export new energy technologies.

New energy sources include solar, wind, water, and geothermal, as well as emerging technologies for Energy Storage and EV charging. Looking to the future, new energy development should also focus on power products to transition to a cleaner and more secure energy future.

MORNSUN has contributed to creating a more environmental-friendly and efficient world by providing the reliable and efficient power supplies, which can benefit homeowners, business owners, and entire communities.

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Power Solutions for Commercial Energy Storage Systems

Mornsun BCU power solutions for energy storage systems are known for their high-isolation voltage, high reliability, reinforced insulation, and multiple protections. With BESS, it's always better to invest upfront in the most reliable power components rather than dealing with the detrimental consequences on the safety of the people and equipment involved. Learn more

All You Should Know About Battery Energy Storage Systems

Mornsun BESS power solutions can be applied to both residential and commercial scenarios. In particular, we invite all ESS developers to read more about our ultra-high, ultra-wide voltage input DC/DC PV converters, AC/DC converters, DC/DC converters for IGBT/SiC drivers, and CAN/RS485 transceivers. Learn more

You need to Know about Power Supply Design in EV Charging Stations

MORNSUN keeps optimizing the previous solutions for EV charging stations, dedicates to helping the majority of users to improve the cost performance of charging stations and comprehensively improve the stability, security and reliability of the systems. Learn more

Power Solutions for Solar Tracking Systems

Mornsun self-powered solutions for solar trackers will provide you with higher safety and optimized power generation. You will also benefit from reduced costs and a more streamlined process throughout the installation, operation, and maintenance stage of your self-powered solar tracking systems. Learn more
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