The proportion of solar photovoltaic power generation systems in the Power Grid is gradually increasing. How to ensure the reliability and safety of the power supply draws a big challenge for the Power Grid. In an Energy Storage System(ESS), batteries are generally installed in the Battery Container according to the international standards, which consists of batteries, Battery Series Control Unit(BCU), HVAC, fire suppression system, etc.

MORNSUN is always providing you with the diverse power solutions for the Energy Storage Industry. Check out below the BCU power solution for the Battery Container.

Power requirements of BCU in the Battery Container

DC/DC Solution Requirements
  • Ultra-wide input voltage range of 500-1500VDC that depends on the voltage of Battery Racks
  • High isolation voltage, reinforced insulation and high level of safety
  • Input reverse polarity protection
  • Meets complicated environmental requirements
AC/DC Solution Requirements
  • High requirements for surge voltage input
  • PFC function
  • Avoid harmonic interference
  • Excellent EMC performance
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