95-300A Energy-saving wide-voltage contactor control module KM series

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As an essential part of the electric power and industrial control, the demand for contactors has been steadily increasing in recent years, while problems such as excessive different versions of conventional contactors, poor anti-tripping capability, and large energy loss have been gradually exposed with the growth of the industry. In addition, under the call of global low carbon, higher requirements are put forward for energy saving in the electric power and industrial field. The transformation and upgrading of contactors is the general trend.


The current common contactor categories include conventional contactors, conventional energy-saving contactors, and PWM chopper energy-saving contactors. Through the in-depth study on this industry, MORNSUN summed up the typical pain points in terms of users and manufacturing.

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MORNSUN KM series contactor control modules effectively solved the problems of the poor anti-tripping capability of the contactor, high model management cost, and high energy loss.

 Multi-dimensional cost reduction

  1. Reduce management cost: KM series control modules feature ultra-wide input voltage and AC/DC dual-use. It can help users to reduce their contactor modules by 87.5%, then effectively reducing management costs. 

  2. Reduce maintenance cost:  KM series control modules have a strong anti-tripping capability, and a fast shutdown function, effectively reducing the failure rate. Its use of independent IC greatly improves product reliability.

  3. Reduce manufacturing cost: KM series control modules use the highly integrated independent IC, no short-circuit ring, and its multi-shell frame sharing a coil, effectively reduce manufacturing cost.

  4. Reduce transformation cost: The existing coils and shell frames inside the KM series control modules can be directly used to upgrade and transform, without redesign and mold opening, low transformation cost, and simple operation.  


 Wide voltage input, High-efficiency

KM series contactor control modules feature an ultra-wide input voltage range from 75 to 305VAC/VDC, AC and DC dual-use, and a strong anti-tripping capability, reducing the risk of failure. At the same time, it greatly reduces the high cost of multi-model management, reduces the tedious selection work of the users, and is easy to operate.


The conventional AC contactor needs a short circuit ring to eliminate the vibration and noise generated by the armature, but the KM series contactor control modules do not need it.  What’s more, KM Series improves the problem of  'buzz'  noise and reduces the power consumption generated by the short circuit ring. It has a built-in intelligent control module (MORNSUN’s patent technology) to achieve quick response, fewer losses, and temperature rise reduction.

 Complete protection, safe and reliable

The poor anti-tripping capability of conventional contactors is an important reason affecting the reliability of contactors. The MORNSUN KM series contactor control modules have extra-wide input voltage and strong anti-tripping capability. It can be turned off quickly, and its temperature rise is low, which can effectively prolong the contact life of the contactor. Built-in EMC protection, KM series contactor control modules have strong electromagnetic compatibility ability. Its chip protection function, no electrolytic capacitor design, resulting in its long life. Based on these functions, MORNSUN KM series contactor control modules are safer and more reliable in use.

the difference of MORNSUN KM series contactor control modules and the conventional

Remote control, intelligent IoT

The KM series control modules have a remote control function, which can realize contactors interconnection through MCU and network the contactors with intelligence. This module can be used to control the contactor on/off remotely to achieve intelligent IoT.

Flowchart of Mornsun products in the intelligent IoT.jpg


It can be widely used in all kinds of contactor energy-saving transformation, the new generation of wide voltage input contactors, and 95A/115A/180A/300A shell upgrading and optimization, etc..

Mornsun KM Series contactor internal structure diagram.jpg


● Wide input voltage range: KM95:90-275VAC/VDC; KM115:75-305VAC/VDC

● Operating temperature range: -40℃ to +70℃

● Meet 5000m altitude application

● Low apparent power

● High reliability 

● Quick response

● EMC meet CISPR22/EN55022 CLASS A

● 5 years warranty

● Customization available

● For more details, please refer to the technical manuals: KM95-C0-O, KM115-C0-O

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Vin(VAC) Operating Temperature Dimension(mm) Datasheet Sample Buy
KM115-C0-O 75-305VAC/VDC -40°C + 70°C 67.00*50.40*18.50mm
KM95-C0-O 90 - 275 VAC/VDC -40°C + 70°C 69.00*22.90*18.50mm

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