Isolated SMD Transformer for 6-20W DC/DC Converter ——CTTURA/B-6/10T Series、CTTURB-20T Series

MORNSUN recently launched two automotive-grade transformers for the 6-20W DC DC converter - CTTURA/B-6/10T series and CTTURB-20T series. The isolation voltage of transformers is up to 1650VDC, owning operating temperature from -40°C to +125°C, and featuring small size and high-cost performance. The transformer components meet the AEC-Q200 test standards and meet the requirements of the automotive industry for high-reliability and small-dimension power supplies.

Isolated SMD Transformer for 6-20W DC/DC Converter CTTURA/B-6/10T Series、CTTURB-20T Series

The CTTURA/B-6/10T series and CTTURB-20T series can be matched to use with the MORNSUN SCM1101A secondary feedback control IC. The combination facilitates 4:1 wide-voltage input and 6-20W flyback design with multiple protections and superior EMI performance.

Application of CTTURA/B-6/10T Series and CTTURB-20T Series

It widely is used in electricity, instrumentation, industrial control, communication industry, and so on.

Application Circuit:

Application of CTTURA/B-6/10T Series and CTTURB-20T Series

Features of CTTURA/B-6/10T Series and CTTURB-20T Series

 Apply to 6-20W
 Ultra-wide 4:1 input voltage range 
 Small dimension,SMD package 
 I/O isolation voltage 1650VDC
 High saturate induction density
 Meets AEC-Q200 standard(pending)
 Insulation class: Class F
 Meets EN62368 certificate
 Operating temperature range:-40℃ to +125℃

CTTURA/B-6/10T Series and CTTURB-20T Series


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