0.1-60W High-Precision AC/DC Power Supply control ICs

      MORNSUN recently launched new control ICs of AC/DC power supply, which power range is from 0.1W to 40W, the series provides high performance, output precision, advanced dynamic response and low output temperature coefficient due to numerous built-in auxiliary and compensation functions. A flexible design with different IC product-mix can meet different requirements for AC/DC power supply and effectively simplify peripheral design and reduce cost. 

The main product and feature are as follows:
      Primary-side feedback control ICs-SCM1702A provides isolated constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) output without using an opto-coupler. It is suitable for USB-compliant adapters and chargers for consumer electronics.
      Secondary-side feedback control ICs-SCM1703A,the controller for isolated flyback power supply designs provides a voltage control using an opto-coupler feedback to improve transient response time to large load steps. The chip integrated loop compensation circuit provides precise high-performance control of output voltage and great output transient response. It is suitable for consumer electronic power supply, industrial equipment power supply and so on.
      Both SCM1702A and SCM1703A are suitable for AC/DC switching power supply of 5W and below. With its internal 650V/700VAC startup switch, the SCM1702A/ SCM1703A can be started in a wide range of input voltage, and being supplied by the transformer auxiliary winding, the chip’s power consumption remains relatively low. 
       0.1-60W High-Precision AC/DC Power Supply control ICs0.1-60W High-Precision AC/DC Power Supply control ICs
                                    SOP-7 package                               SOP-8 package
      Current-mode PWM control ICs-SCM1710A is packaged in SOP-8 and suitable for 5-60W AC/DC switching power supply. Its maximum switching frequency can be set by means of external resistor values and EMI behavior is improved by means of flexible drive and frequency jittering technologies. The chip also incorporates a soft start function to improve the start stress and effectively avoiding output overshoot under light-load.
      When under no load (or nearly no load) condition, SCM1710 operates intermittent, thus keeping the converter efficiency over the entire load range high which also results in a reduced standby power consumption

      All these three chips are integrated with multiple protection functions, which meet the safety standards.

      For more details, please refer to the datasheet.

* For detailed information please refer to the related datasheet, product news is for reference only.

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