Adjustable Output Voltage 0~±1500V Power Supply——HO1-P(N)xxxxH-0.5C(D)Series

Introduction of HO1-P(N)xxxxH-0.5C(D)Series

    The HO1-P (N) xxxxH-0.5C and HO1-P (N) xxxxH-0.5D series are products designed and developed by MORNSUN to meet the application requirements of generating high voltage in the power system and requiring high output voltage stability.

Adjustable Output Voltage 0~±1500V Power Supply——HO1-P(N)xxxxH-0.5C(D)Series

    Those products have no-load input current as low as 8mA, and the output voltage is continuously and linearly adjustable 0 ~ ± 1250V, 0 ~ ± 1500V. The operating temperature range is -25 ℃ to 71 ℃. The product is packaged in a Six-sided metal shielding package with its output ripple as low as 10mVpp. And the EMI performance is excellent, the radiated emission passes Class B without external components, and for conducted emission, the product can pass Class B only adding a 10uF chip capacitor.

Application of HO1-P(N)xxxxH-0.5C(D)Series

HO1-P(N)xxxxH-0.5C(D)Series can be widely used in photomultiplier, avalanche diode, mass spectrum, spectrum, electron beam, ion beam, and other high-voltage condition.

Application of HO1-P(N)xxxxH-0.5C(D)Series

Features of HO1-P(N)xxxxH-0.5C(D)Series

 Automated production process
 Low no-load input current Vin =12V: 8mA (typ.), Vin=15V:10mA (typ.)
 Low Ripple & Noise, Vin=12V:10mVpp(typ.),Vin=15V:15mVpp(typ.)
 Continuous output voltage with linear adjustable:0~±1250V、0~±1500V
 Operating temperature range:-25℃ to 71℃   
 Input reverse polarity protection, control voltage over-voltage protection, output over-current protection, output short-circuit protection
 Six-sided metal shielding package
 Radiated mission passes Class B without external components

* For detailed information please refer to the related datasheet, product news is for reference only.
Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Power(W) Vin(VDC) Vout(VDC) No. of Outputs Package Dimension(mm) Footprint & 3D Markings Datasheet Sample Buy
HO1-N1251H-0.5C 0.75 12 0~-1250 1 DIP 45.50*23.00*12.50
HO1-N1251H-0.5D 0.75 15 0~-1250 1 DIP 45.50*23.00*12.50
HO1-N1501H-0.5C 0.75 12 0~-1500 1 DIP 45.50*23.00*12.50
HO1-N1501H-0.5D 0.75 15 0~-1500 1 DIP 45.50*23.00*12.50
HO1-P1251H-0.5C 0.75 12 0~1250 1 DIP 45.50*23.00*12.50
HO1-P1251H-0.5D 0.75 15 0~1250 1 DIP 45.50*23.00*12.50
HO1-P1501H-0.5C 0.75 12 0~1500 1 DIP 45.50*23.00*12.50
HO1-P1501H-0.5D 0.75 15 0~1500 1 DIP 45.50*23.00*12.50

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