1/8 brick non-isolated buck-boost DC DC converter KUB4836EB(F)-10A(-RS)

Mornsun Buck-Boost DC to DC Converter


KUB4836EB(F)-10A(-RS) is a 1/8 brick non-isolated step-up & step-down DC/DC converter, meeting the customer's demand for adjustable output voltage and current.

This DC/DC module has an ultra-wide input voltage range of 9-60V, an adjustable output voltage range of 0-60V, and adjustable output current range of 0-10A. We could get different outputs fit for various applications.

● Suitable for a wide range of applications and save costs

The product is compatible with multiple bus voltages of 12V,24V, and 48V.  “One is All” can reduce customers' costs of sourcing, management, and production efficiency. For example, in the past, when converting 24V to 12V, 24V to 48V, etc., we need to purchase various input and output products separately to meet the different demands, but now only ONE KUB4836EB(F)-10A(-RS) for ALL.

● Adjustable output voltage range of 0-60V

In the applications such as robotics, drones, battery charging, and discharging, we may encounter the problems of a large output line loss, variation of the motor voltage and speed, switching of constant current and constant voltage, etc. In these cases, fixed input and output power supply products can’t fulfill the demand, and the KUB4836EB(F)-10A(-RS) is the ideal solution.

MORNSUN DC DC converter KUB4836EB(F)-10A(-RS) is ideal for applications requiring voltage and resistance regulation.jpg

● Manufacturing automation, short lead time and local service

Manufacturing Automation with SMD reflow soldering for all components ensures product quality and reliability. The five-sided metal shell simplifies the assembly process and achieves good heat dissipation. In addition, we provide a short lead time and local support.


The KUB4836EB(F)-10A(-RS) series can be used in applications of robotics, communication, UAV, battery charging and discharging, DC-DC distributed power supply, etc.

Typical application: Robotics

Application case: pipeline robot

MORNSUN DC-DC converter power solution for pipeline robot system.jpg

   Robot System Architecture   


Input voltage range: 9 - 60V

 Output voltage range: 0 - 60V

 Output current range: 0 - 10A

 Output voltage and current are both adjustable

 High efficiency up to 95%

Input under-voltage protection, output short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection

 Operating ambient temperature range: -40℃ to +105℃

 Industry-standard 1/8-Brick package and pin-out

* For detailed information please refer to the related datasheet, product news is for reference only.
Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Vin(VDC) Vout(VDC) Iout Efficiency(%) Package Dimension(mm) Max capacitive load (μF) Footprint & 3D Markings Datasheet Sample Buy
KUB4836EB-10A 48(9-60) 36 12500 - DIP 60.80*25.00*12.70 -
KUB4836EB-10A-RS 48(9-60) 36 12500 - DIP 60.80*25.00*12.70 -
KUB4836EBF-10A 48(9-60) 36 12500 - DIP 60.80*36.83*12.70 -
KUB4836EBF-10A-RS 48(9-60) 36 12500 - DIP 60.80*36.83*12.70 -

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