16-75V Input Non-isolated DC/DC Converter with Open Frame Package- KUB48-QB-10A Series

MORNSUN's latest 16-75V input non-isolated DC/DC converter, KUB48-QB-10A, solves a difficulty, which is resulted by large fluctuations in battery voltage and motor interference in the logistics robot design. The product features an operating temperature range from -40 ° C to +85 ° C, efficiency of up to 97%, and low heat loss, which is conducive to improving systematic reliability, bringing convenience to customers' thermal design, and owning under-voltage protection, output short circuit Protection and overcurrent protection, etc.

The development of this product is based on the current logistics industrial situation, which is, the increase in the object sorting, handling workload and labor costs, and the rapid development of logistics robots. KUB48-QB-10A can provide better power supply design for robot system, and better meets market’s demands.


It widely is used in robots, battery-powered equipment and other fields


Wide input voltage range 16-75V
Efficiency up to 97%
Operating temperature range:-40℃ to +85℃
Input under-voltage protection, output short circuit Protection and overcurrent protection
Open frame
1/4 brick international pin
Adjustable input start voltage (under-voltage)
EN62368 approval

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Vin(VDC) Vout(VDC) Iout(mA) No. of Outputs Package Dimension(mm) 3D Impression Drawing (.stp) Certification Datasheet Sample
KUB4812QB-10A 16~75 12 10000 1 DIP 59.20*37.60*13.00 - CE KUB4812QB-10A
KUB4824QB-10A 30~75 24 10000 1 DIP 59.20*37.60*13.00 - CE KUB4824QB-10A


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