The New Generation Isolated 485/CAN Transceiver with Integrating Chiplet SiP Technology

485/CAN transceiver

With the rapid development of the "Internet of Things", 485/CAN and other digital interface transceiver components have been developed accordingly. Extensive applications promote 485/CAN and other digital interface transceivers to be further optimized in size, cost, and ease of use. In order to meet market demand, MORNSUN continues to innovate and take advantage of the Chiplet SiP platform to launch the NEW generation chip-level 485/CAN transceiver family, referred to as the "R4 series".

Chip Integrated System Made by Chiplet SiP Technology

Unlike conventional products, chip-level product development must solve those problems such as circuit technology, materials, processes, and reliability.

At the process level, the key lies in the System Integrated Packaging (Chiplet SiP) technology, which breaks through the monopoly packaging technology and comprehensively decouples the constraints of dimensions, appearance, high performance, and high reliability.

At the material level, ultra-small size components or even IC raw (bare) wafers are used, which requires to self-design a series of bare semiconductor chips into the power circuit and transceiver circuit of the transceiver Chip. In addition, the peripheral discrete components such as the SMD type resistors and capacitors are integrated into the Chip.

At the circuit level, MORNSUN 22 years DC/DC power supply technology and complete independent IC platform are combined to achieve the purpose of high performance and small dimensions.

By system integrated packaging (Chiplet SiP) technology, MORNSUN completed the entire chain of process, materials, and circuits independently, and established a chip-level integrated system. And this new competitive chip-level isolated 485/ CAN transceiver R4 series come into being.  We provide a new choice of pin-to-pin compatible with the products of top international semiconductor manufacturers for customers.

The New Generation Isolated 485/CAN Transceiver with Integrating Chiplet SiP Technology.jpg

Picture 1: Compared with the eye pattern, the rising edge of the communication waveform of the MORNSUN CAN transceiver has no overshoot and lower electromagnetic radiation energy.

Small Size for Industry Trend

Compared with the discrete solution, the R4 series products with system integrated packaging (Chiplet SiP) technology reduces layout space by 60% and dimensions more than 85%. It is suitable for users' actual application and industrial technology development trends.

R4 series to simplify design and save cost

The discrete solutions often need to control the consistency of the materials, take time, and worried about whether it is reasonable, so the development cost soars. The digital interface design of discrete solutions is often more complicated, if we focus on the cost of materials and ignore other costs, the reliability of the solution cannot be guaranteed. In fact, the cost of any solution includes not only development cost and material cost but also manufacturing cost, management cost, maintenance cost, and so on.

MORNSUN R4 series have normalized materials, production automation, higher product consistency, and reliability, and it is easy to use. It not only has high reliability but also greatly reduces development costs. At the same time, even the length and width are reduced to 13*10mm, the R4 series also can meet 5000VDC isolation, which greatly improves the system reliability.

The New Generation Isolated 485/CAN Transceiver with Integrating Chiplet SiP Technology.jpg

Picture 2: Comparison of investment between self-designed and integrated solutions

Multiple products to meet customer needs

Mastering the core technology, our product categories are farthest compatible with the existing products in the market, which avoids increasing the customer's investment in re-layout and meet the different requirements of the market. At the same time, the company maintains an open cooperation model and accepts the customization, hoping to benefit more industry users.

The New Generation Isolated 485/CAN Transceiver with Integrating Chiplet SiP Technology.jpg

Picture 3: Bus digital interface transceiver family

* For detailed information please refer to the related datasheet, product news is for reference only.
Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Integrated Power No of Channel Transmission Rate(bps) Vin(VDC) Nodes Number Isolation Package Features Footprint & 3D Markings Datasheet Sample Buy
TD041S485H - 1 1M 5,3.3 256 3750VAC DFN -
TD041SCANFD - 1 5M 3.3,5 110 3750VAC DFN -
TD041SCANH - 1 1M 3.3,5 110 3750VAC DFN -
TD541S485H 1 1M 5 256 3000VDC DFN -
TD541SCANFD 1 5M 5 110 3000VDC DFN -
TD541SCANH 1 1M 5 110 3000VDC DFN -
TDH541S485H 1 1M 5 256 5000VDC DFN -
TDH541SCANFD 1 5M 5 110 5000VDC DFN -
TDH541SCANH 1 1M 5 110 5000VDC DFN -

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