16.5V-500V input, high efficiency, energy-saving control IC for contactors - SCM1501B

Mornsun launched a control IC for the contactor, which can reduce the pick-up and holding power consumption of the contactor and help the contactor to achieve energy-saving, wide input and remote control functions.

The SCM1501B has a built-in high-voltage startup circuit that can quickly start the controller with a charging current of 4mA (typ.) within the input voltage range of 16.5V~500V, so as to respond quickly when the contactor is operated. If the auxiliary power supply is not used, SCM1501B will take power directly from the input to realize self-power supply. 

In addition, the SCM1501B can also control the contactor coil to achieve high current pick-up and low current holding. During the low current holding stage, when the input under-voltage occurs or the the controller is disable, the controller activates the fast shutdown function to quickly disconnect the contactor to reduce the influence of the SCM1501B on the disconnecting performance of the contactor.

Widely used in various contactors.

● Typical Application Circuit:

● Real-time detection of input voltage, precise setting of contactor operating voltage
● Wide working input voltage range of 2.5:1 
● The pick-up current and the holding current can be set up independently, and the contactor coil design is simpler 
● With built-in analog frequency jitter, it is easy to solve EMI problems
● Suitable for the traditional scheme of power saving transformation, and the power saving effect is more than 90%
● With fast shutdown function, it reduces the contactor shutdown delay
● The chip's power supply range is 16.5V~500V, which meets most of the contactor input voltage requirements 
● With remote control function

Test data comparison:

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Package VINV Pick-up current Holding current Operation voltage Quick shutdown Fsw(khz) Datasheet Sample Buy
SCM1501B ESOP-8 16.5~500 Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable 23.5

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