5V Voltage Supply, High Speed CAN Bus Transceiver - SCM34xxASA

Mornsun new SCM34xxASA series contains three high reliables CAN Bus transceivers: SCM3421ASA(slope control mode), SCM3422ASA(ultra-low standby current mode), SCM3423ASA(low-current transmission disable silent mode).

CAN Bus features strong real-time performance, long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability, and data guarantee the arrival. The Bus withstand voltage of SCM34xxASA series is up to -40V~40V(SCM3421ASA is -36V~36V), and it has high electromagnetic immunity, ultra-low electromagnetic emissions, and bus pins protected against transients and overheat protection.

Applications of SCM34xxASA series

Widely used in applications of IoT, industrial electronics, automotive electronics.

Typical block diagrams:

Typical block diagrams

Features of SCM34xxASA series

  Over 8KV HBM (IEC6100-4-2 standard)
  Bus withstand voltage: -40V~40V(SCM3421ASA: -36V~36V)
  High electromagnetic immunity,low electromagnetic emissions
●  SCM3421ASA(slope control mode), SCM3422ASA(ultra low standby current mode), or SCM3423ASA(low-current transmission disable silent mode)
●  Bus pins protected against transients, overheat protection
●  5V single power supply, transmission speeds up to 1Mbps, strong load capacity, allowing up to 110 load nodes
●  Passed the high and low temperature(-40°C to +125°C ) aging test, and meets the application requirement of industrial control and automotive 
●  Meets the requirements of ISO 11898

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Busform VCC Signaling Rate(Max) (Mbps) No of Channel Interface Voltage Explicit Timeout Nodes Number Package Features Duplex Mode Datasheet Sample Buy
SCM3421A CAN 4.5~5.5 1 1 -36~+36 110 SOP-8 - Half
SCM3422A CAN 4.5~5.5 1 1 -40~+40 110 SOP-8 - Half
SCM3423A CAN 4.5~5.5 1 1 -40~+40 110 SOP-8 - Half

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