1W/3W Ultra-light Compact Size Non-isolated AC/DC converter --LSxx-K3BxxSS Series

MORNSUN recently launched an ultra-light compact size non-isolated AC/DC converter series LSxx-K3BxxSS, which requires minimal peripheral components, features flexible use and can convert AC to DC directly. Its nominal output voltage 5V and 12V are available now.

Product advantages:

●  Miniature

This non-isolated series has a small size of 25.21*9.5*17.43mm, and it is lighter and higher cost effective without the traditional transformer.

●  Minimal peripheral components

Minimal peripheral components required, flexible use and easy to operate.

●  High reliability and complete protections

This series has a MTBF over 300,000 h and provide protections of output short circuit (OSC), output over-current (OCP), which not only significantly reduce the failure rate of the converter itself but also enhance the safety performance of back-end power modules and the load in abnormal working conditions.

●  Meets the latest safety standards

It is designed to meet IEC/EN/UL62368 safety standards (EN62368 pending).

Design reference:

1W/3W Ultra-light Compact Size Non-isolated AC/DC converter --LSxx-K3BxxSS Series


Widely used in IoT, smart home, instrumentation, industrial control, communication and civil applications.


●  Ultra-wide 85 - 305VAC and 70 - 430VDC input voltage Range

●  Operating temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

●  Ultra-light compact size open frame

●  Regulated output, low ripple & noise

●  High reliability, green power

●  Flexible selection of EMC additional circuits, simplify customer PCB layout

●  Output short circuit, output over current protections

●  Designed to meet IEC/UL/EN62368 safety standards(EN62368 pending)

* For detailed information please refer to the related datasheet, product news is for reference only.
Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Power(W) Vin(VAC) Vin(VDC) Vout(VDC) Iout No. of Outputs Package Dimension(mm) Footprint & 3D Markings Datasheet Sample Buy
LS01-K3B05SS 1 85-305 70-430 5 200mA 1 SIP 16.13*15.10*9.50
LS03-K3B12SS 3 85-305 70-430 12 250mA 1 SIP 16.13*15.10*9.50

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