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The amount of negative ions in the air is essential in determining air quality, known as air vitamins. The optimum amount of negative ions in the air can not only efficiently remove dust and sterilize the air, but also activate the oxygen molecules in the air, and form oxygen-carrying negative ions, effectively improving air quality. More and more products are now set up with negative ion functions, including home appliances, automotive, beauty, and other industries.


MORNSUN launched the negative ion generator HO5 series to meet the market demand and expectation of miniaturized, portable, and convenient. These products are ultra-small, have low power consumption, and can produce a high concentration of negative ions.

Working principle

When AC or DC input, the combined circuitry built into the product turns the voltage into a negative DC high voltage. Then it is connected to the metal tip inside the product, which will produce a corona discharge phenomenon, resulting in a rapid release of a large number of electrons. The unstable electrons are then captured by the oxygen ions in the air, producing negative ions.

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① Ultra-small size to reduce the PCB footprint and improve the space utilization of customers’ products.

  • HO5-N502D-C: 37*23*15mm

  • HO5-N202TS-A: 22*12*4.5mm

  • HO5-N202MS-I: 18.0*12.0*10.0mm

② Low power consumption as low as 0.01W to reduce heat generation


High concentration of negative ions to meet application requirements

  • HO5-N502D-C: 50Mpcs/cc

  • HO5-N202TS-A: 30Mpcs/cc

  • HO5-N202MS-I: 30Mpcs/cc

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Negative ion generator HO5 series can activate oxygen molecules in the air, effectively improving air quality, which can be widely applied in electric fans, air freshener, air conditioner, central air conditioner, air conditioning fan, building fan, electric heater, air purifier, hair dryer, hair curler, hair straightener, electric clipboard, electric comb, monitor and other devices.

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  • Ultra-small size

  • High output voltage

  • Negative ion concentration up to 50 Mpcs/cc

  • Ultra-wide operating temperature range: -25℃ to +75℃

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* For detailed information please refer to the related datasheet, product news is for reference only.




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