PSR and PFM AC/DC Control IC with CV/CC --- SCM1738ASA


Introduction of AC/DC power control IC - SCM1738ASA

SCM1738ASA is 8W AC/DC power control IC, which is controlled by primary-side regulation (PSR) with built-in 650V MOS tube. It adopts PFM frequency modulation technology to provide accurate constant voltage/constant current (CV/CC) control loop, so it features high stability and average efficiency. Due to the integrated high-voltage startup, the external startup resistor can be omitted to achieve low consumption and reliable startup. At the same time, the chip has an adjustable linear compensation function and a built-in peak current compensation function, and the maximum output power can reach 8W.

Application of AC/DC power control IC - SCM1738ASA

It can be widely used in the AC/DC adapter, battery chargers, standby power, and so on.

Typical application circuit:


Features of AC/DC power control IC - SCM1738ASA

●  Integrated 650V MOSFET

●  Integrated High Voltage Startup

●  High Precision Constant Voltage and Current Regulation at Universal AC Input

●  Without External Capacitor Compensation

●  Programmable Cable Drop Compensation

●  Low Start-up Current

●  Programmable CV and CC Regulation

●  Low Standby Loss (<75mW)

●  Built-in Leading Edge Blanking (LEB)

●  Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting

● VCC Under Voltage Lockout with Hysteresis (UVLO), Output Short Circuit Protection, Output Over Voltage Protection, VCC Over Voltage Protection, Maximum on time protection, over-temperature protection.

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