The Newest Chiplet SiP DC-DC Converter-Micro-size Fixed Input R4 Series

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MORNSUN DC-DC fixed input A/B/E/F_T-1W family grabs a good market share around the world for its advanced design, good performance, reliable manufacturing process, competitive price, etc. Based on end-use industry, such as portable equipment and IoT, DC-DC converters are expected to offer benefits in size, performance, reliability, and cost, so we released a new generation of fixed input R4 series with a major breakthrough in packaging technology by adopting the newest Chiplet SiP (System in Package) technology to achieve dimensions reduction of 80% and save cost for the customer. Here is our pleasure to introduce the history of MORNSUN fixed input family as below.

MORNSUN Fixed input DCDC Converter K78-R4 series.jpg

Picture 1:The History of Fixed Input

Breaking through Restraint of Dimensions by Chiplet SiP

In order to achieve miniaturization of power supply module, when we developed R4 generation, both the concept of "embedded magnetic process in PCB" and “Chiplet SiP technology” were taken into consideration, but after numerous reliability tests and verifications in some extreme application environments, the "embedded magnetic process in PCB" had long-term reliability risk. Comparing with "embedded magnetic process in PCB", the newest Chiplet SiP technology not only solves the miniaturization but also achieves better performance, so we finally adopt Chiplet SiP technology to designing our new generation of fixed input R4 series.

The dimensions (LxWxH) of R4 has reduced by 80% and its layout space(LxW) also has reduced by more than 50%. The R4 generation is a comprehensive decoupling of the constraints among dimensions, appearance, surface mount packaging, high performance, and high reliability as it integrates circuit technology, process technology, and material technology. This is undoubtedly a surprise for those industries with high requirements of dimensions.

MORNSUN Fixed input DCDC Converter K78-R4 series.jpg

Picture 2:Advantages of R4 with Chiplet SiP

Chiplet SiP to Save Cost for Customer

Through investigation, we know that more than 90% of the components on the PCB are assembled by SMD reflow soldering. While some fixed input products with SIP package in the market also need to be installed on PCB boards by wave soldering. It will not only complicate the customer product manufacturing process (including the SMD reflow soldering process and wave soldering process), but also increase lead time, manufacturing costs, and the risk of quality. While the R4 generation is mounted on PCB through SMD reflow soldering without extra wave soldering process, which simplifies the production process and reduces the production costs.

Through insights into industry trends and in-depth understanding of the market, MORNSUN is committed to technological innovation, product upgrades, and the best customer experience. Adhering to the principle of customer first, MORNSUN will develop more new products with good quality to meet more industry applications and customers' increasingly high requirements.

Features of Chiplet SiP DC-DC Converter-Micro-size Fixed Input R4 Series

1.      80% dimensions reduction, more than 50% layout space reduction, 3.1mm thickness

2.      Micro-SMD package

3.      Meet AEC-Q100

4.      Operating temperature range: -40℃~125℃

5.      ESD meets 8KV level (Contact)

6.      Continuous short-circuit protection

7.      Capacitive load:2400uF

8.      Isolation capacitance: 8pF

9.      I/O isolation test voltage: 3000 VDC

10.    Meet IEC62368, UL62368, EN62368 standards

* For detailed information please refer to the related datasheet, product news is for reference only.
Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Power(W) Vin(VDC) Vout(VDC) No. of Outputs Isolation Package Dimension(mm) Footprint & 3D Markings Datasheet Sample Buy
B0505MT-1WR4 1 5 5 1 3000VDC DFN 9.00*7.00*3.10

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