0.55mA Power Consumption Dual-Channel Digital Isolators——SCM37xxA


Introduction of Dual-Channel Digital Isolators—SCM37xxA

As we know, the comprehension electronic system has lots of sub-systems, which will interact with each other when data transmission. For the situation, the digital isolator can insulate those sub-systems and protect them from noise and high voltage, so it can be widely used in the medical, industrial, civil, and military industries. MORNSUN dual-channel digital isolators SCM37xxA can solve those situations.

Dual-Channel Digital Isolators—SCM37xxA is designed by CMOS technology. Utilizing the principle of the capacitor voltage divider, the voltage signal can be accurately transmitted across the isolator capacitor without signal modulation and demodulation. The SCM37xxA is superior to optocouplers and other digital isolators in performance and reliability. The 2 transmission channels of SCM37xxA are separated and are equipped with multiple transmission directions and 150Kbps / 10Mbps transmission rate versions. And those isolators feature 3KVrms isolation voltage, 3.0V to 5.5V working voltage, and 3.0V to 5.5V signal level translation. When the input power is not supplied or there is no input signal, and the output power is normal, the isolator output defaults electronic level. 

The characteristics of those digital isolators are as follows:

1, High reliability and immunity

●  CMTI up to 150kV / us, effectively isolating common-mode noise;

●  Enhanced ESD protection, HBM up tp ±8kV;Excellent resistance to electrical noise and magnetic interference;

●  Isolated voltage:3KVrms.

2, Fast and accurate transmission, ultra-low power consumption

●  Transmission delay below 12.5ns;

●  Pulse width distortion less than 0.8ns;

●  The low power consumption 0.55mA / channel.

3, High compatibility, diversified combination sales

●  Compatible with various digital isolators, reducing customer's system modification trouble

●  Configure low-speed and high-speed versions to reduce cost problems caused by customer redundant designs;

●  Matched power management chips, interface chips, transformers, and other combined devices to customers.

Application of Dual-Channel Digital Isolators—SCM37xxA

Widely used in General-purpose multichannel isolation and industrial bus isolation field.

1, Typical application circuit:

Typical application circuit

2、Expanded application circuit:

 Expanded application circuit

Features of Dual-Channel Digital Isolators—SCM37xxA


●  3 V to 5.5 V  working voltage and 3 V to 5.5 V level translation

●  High common-mode transient immunity: 150 kV/µs(typical)

●  High robustness to radiated and conducted noise

●  High ESD rating

●  Isolation voltages: 3000Vrms 

●  High data rate:10Mbps/150Kbps

●  Ultra-low-power consumption0.55mA/channel(150Kbps), 0.58mA/channel(1Mbps)

●  Wide operating temperature range: -40°C ~ 125°C

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Power supply range(V) No of Channel Output Channel Number Transmission Rate(bps) Withstand Voltage(kV rms) Default Output Package Datasheet Sample Buy
SCM3721A 3.0~5.5 2 1 150K 3 high SOP-8
SCM3723A 3.0~5.5 2 2 150K 3 high SOP-8
SCM3725A 3.0~5.5 2 1 10M 3 high SOP-8
SCM3728A 3.0~5.5 2 2 10M 3 low SOP-8

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