4.5V~40V Input, 1A / 6A Output, DC / DC Buck IC - SCM13xxA Series

Product Introduction

MORNSUN has just released latest IC, SCM13xxA series, which include SCM1301ATA (1A output) and SCM1316AFA (6A output), these two step-down buck ICs can meet multiple application requirements with high reliability and cost-effectiveness.

SCM1301ATA is an asynchronous rectified DC / DC buck IC with output current up to 1A.

● The wide input voltage range is from 4.5V ~ 40V, which is suitable for various applications of industrial control or automotive industry.
● Ultra-low shutdown current as low as 1.6μA to prolong the battery life.
● The SCM1301A operates at 0.7MHz fixed frequency with small external components to being able to achieve low output ripple voltage.
● Multiple protections improve system reliability, such as over-current, short-circuit and over-thermal protection.
● Integrated soft-start and compensation circuit reduces layout area and system cost by reducing external devices.

SCM1316AFA is a synchronous rectified DC / DC buck IC with frequency-jittering and average circuit mode control function.

● The SCM1316AFA has dual-channel CC / CV mode, which can provide continuous current up to 6A, and has excellent linearity and load adjustment capabilities.
● The input voltage range is from 7V to 38V and an adjustable output voltage is from 1V to 25V.
● The SCM1316AFA features over-current, short-circuit and over-thermal protection circuits to improve system reliability.
● Integrated soft-start and compensation circuit reduces layout area and system cost by reducing external devices, and the internal soft-start avoids input inrush current during startup.

Product application

It can be widely used in intelligent instrument, car charger, rechargeable portable devices and Industrial distributed power applications.

Product Features

● Input range 4.5 V to 40 V with 45 V transients
● 0.7 MHz switching frequency
● Output current up to 1 A
● Thin TSOT23-6L package(2.9mm × 1.6mm × 0.8mm)
● Efficient light load power saving mode
● Internal compensation and internal soft start
● Over-current protection and over-thermal protection
● Recommended operated junction temperature:-40 to +125℃
● Wide input range : 7V to 38V
● Programmable frequency(130KHz~300KHz) 
● 6A continuous output current
● Thermally enhanced QFN5*5 package
● Up to 95% efficiency @ 24V input
● Dual-channel CC/CV mode control
● Built-in adjustable line compensation
● 1V~25V adjustable output voltages,±1.5% output voltage accuracy,± 5% current limit accuracy
● Integrated 14mΩ high and low side MOSFET
● Burst mode operation at light load
● Internal loop compensation and soft start
● Over-current, short-circuit and over-thermal protection
● Recommended operated junction temperature:-40 to +125℃

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Power(W) Package Topology Control Mode Fsw(khz) OTP OCP SCP UVLP OLP Design Reference Demo-board Datasheet Sample
SCM1301A - TSOT23-6L - Current mode - Built-in Built-in Built-in - - SCM1301A SCM1301A SCM1301A
SCM1316A - QFN5*5-20 - Current mode 300 - - Built-in - - SCM1316A SCM1316A SCM1316A


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