4.5V~40V Input, 1A / 6A Output, DC / DC Buck IC - SCM13xxA Series

Introduction of SCM13xxA Series

MORNSUN has just released latest IC, SCM13xxA series, which includes SCM1301ATA (1A output) and SCM1316AFA (6A output), these two step-down buck ICs can meet multiple application requirements with high reliability and cost-effectiveness.

SCM1301ATA is an asynchronous rectified DC / DC buck IC with output current up to 1A.

● The wide input voltage range is from 4.5V ~ 40V, which is suitable for various applications of the industrial control or automotive industry.
● Ultra-low shutdown current is as low as 1.6μA to prolong the battery life.
● The SCM1301A operates at 0.7MHz fixed frequency with small external components to being able to achieve low output ripple voltage.
● Multiple protections improve system reliability, such as over-current, short-circuit, and over-thermal protection.
● Integrated soft-start and compensation circuit reduces layout area and system cost by reducing external devices.

SCM1316AFA is a synchronous rectified DC / DC buck IC with frequency-jittering and average circuit mode control function.

● The SCM1316AFA has dual-channel CC / CV mode, which can provide continuous current up to 6A, and has excellent linearity and load adjustment capabilities.
● The input voltage range is from 7V to 38V and an adjustable output voltage is from 1V to 25V.
● The SCM1316AFA features over-current, short-circuit, and over-thermal protection circuits to improve system reliability.
● Integrated soft-start and compensation circuit reduces layout area and system cost by reducing external devices, and the internal soft-start avoids input inrush current during startup.

Application of SCM13xxA Series

It can be widely used in intelligent instruments, car chargers, rechargeable portable devices, and Industrial distributed power applications.

Application of SCM13xxA Series 1

Application of SCM13xxA Series 2

Application of SCM13xxA Series 3

Features of SCM13xxA Series

● Input range 4.5 V to 40 V with 45 V transients
● 0.7 MHz switching frequency
● Output current up to 1 A
● Thin TSOT23-6L package(2.9mm × 1.6mm × 0.8mm)
● Efficient light load power saving mode
● Internal compensation and internal soft start
● Over-current protection and over-thermal protection
● Recommended operated junction temperature:-40 to +125℃
● Wide input range : 7V to 38V
● Programmable frequency(130KHz~300KHz) 
● 6A continuous output current
● Thermally enhanced QFN5*5 package
● Up to 95% efficiency @ 24V input
● Dual-channel CC/CV mode control
● Built-in adjustable line compensation
● 1V~25V adjustable output voltages,±1.5% output voltage accuracy,± 5% current limit accuracy
● Integrated 14mΩ high and low side MOSFET
● Burst mode operation at light load
● Internal loop compensation and soft start
● Over-current, short-circuit and over-thermal protection
● Recommended operated junction temperature:-40 to +125℃

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Power(W) Package Topology Control Mode Fsw(khz) OTP OCP SCP UVLP OLP Datasheet Sample Buy
SCM1301A - TSOT23-6L - Current mode - Built-in Built-in Built-in - -
SCM1316A - QFN5*5-20 - Current mode 300 - - Built-in - -

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