MORNSUN 5-40W DC/DC Power Supply control IC SCM1101A

MORNSUN launched a DC/DC power supply control IC SCM1101A, which has a power range of 5W to 40W. It’s widely used in the applications of industrial equipment, process control system, data acquisition system, etc.

SCM1101A is a secondary-side feedback control IC. It adopts current-mode PWM control mode which makes it ideal for isolated 5-40W DC/DC switching power supply such as instrument power supplies and isolated power supplies for communication. The maximum operating frequency can be up to 480KHZ with external resistors. To conserve energy under light load conditions, the green mode function continuously decreases the switching frequency, thus enabling the converter to maintain high efficiency over the entire load range. For optimized standby power consumption, the power supply enters into a burst mode under no load conditions. 

The typical start-up current of SCM1101A is only about 1uA. To operate with the start-up ICs SCM9603B, a lower start-up voltage threshold can be achieved. The SCM1101A design also integrates a series of protection features that will enhance the power system’s reliability.

For more details, please refer to the datasheet.
Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Power(W) Package Topology Control Mode Fsw(khz) OTP OCP SCP UVLP OLP Datasheet Sample
SCM1101A 5~40 MSOP-8 Flyback forward Current mode 480 - Built-in - Built-in Built-in SCM1101A


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