RS485 Transceivers TDx21D485x Series in DIP10 package

      MORNSUN recently announced cost-effective, compact size RS485 transceivers TDx21D485x series, to assist fast signal response in industries of power grid, industrial control and instrumentation, etc. TDx21D485x series are designed with excellent performance, manufacturing process and reliability, as follows: 

(1) Excellent performance:

a) Baud rate of low-speed RS485 transceivers grows from 9.6kbps to 19.2kbps.
b) Nodes of low-speed and high-speed transceivers are doubled, i.e. 64 nodes. Nodes of auto-switch interface increase by 4 times, i.e. 128 nodes.
c) All series provide electrical isolation of 3000VDC.
d) All series output isolated 5V at the terminal of bus, easy for default configuration of the bus.

e) Designed with advanced technology similar to MORNSUN fixed R3 DC/DC Converters and highly integrated internal device, the series greatly improve in manufacturing process and reliability.

(2) Reliable manufacturing process

a) TDx21D485x series apply SMT to enhance product automation and reliability.
b) Simply achieve plug-to-SMD process: Single output TDx21D485x series are in open frame using pin terminals to match corresponding female header, so that customers easily achieve automated processing, maintenance and replacement at the same time.

(3) Patent protection.


RS485 Transceivers TDx21D485x Series in DIP10 package




a) Integrated power supply, bus isolation and ESD protection in one module 
b) Two- port isolation (3.0kVDC) (input and output are mutually isolated)
c) Baud rate up to 500Kbps
d) Connect up to 256 nodes on one bus
e) Operating temperature range:-40℃ to +85℃
f) Compact size, DIP10 package


RS485 Transceivers TDx21D485x Series in DIP10 package

* For detailed information please refer to the related datasheet, product news is for reference only.
Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Integrated Power No of Channel Transmission Rate(bps) Vin(VDC) Nodes Number Isolation Package Features Footprint & 3D Markings Datasheet Sample Buy
TD321D485 1 19.2K 3.3 64 2500VDC DIP Open-frame
TD321D485H 1 200K 3.3 64 3000VDC DIP High rate
TD321D485H-A 1 500K 3.3 128 3000VDC DIP Automatic switch
TD321D485H-E 1 500K 3.3 256 3000VDC DIP Enhanced
TD521D485 1 19.2K 5 64 2500VDC DIP Open-frame
TD521D485H 1 200K 5 64 5000VDC DIP High rate
TD521D485H-A 1 500K 5 128 3000VDC DIP Automatic switch
TD521D485H-E 1 500K 5 256 3000VDC DIP Enhanced

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