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To achieve the climate goals and maintain sustainable social development, renewable energy is expected to be the mainstream energy source to help create an environment-friendly energy world in the future. As the core component, suitable switching power supplies have significant importance on the reliability, safety and efficiency of the whole new energy systems. However, finding the right switching power supply is not always easy, because multiple requirements such as performance, safety, quality, and cost seem to pose a considerable challenge, especially choosing the perfect power supplies for various new energy systems, such as Solar Tracking SystemEnergy Storage System and EV Charging pile, etc.

Through the webinar, Mornsun is pleased to share you with the requirements for these three popular new energy systems and hope it can help you to find out a suitable power supply solution.

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 Thursday, 21 October 2021, at CET 10:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM (UTC+2) 

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Who should attend:

  • Electronics engineer, designer and developer in Photovoltaic, ESS, EV Charging industry.

  • You are interested in analyses of power supply in renewable applications.

  • You are looking for power supply solutions for renewable energy systems. 

What you will learn:

  • Typical application analyses in Photovoltaic, ESS, EV Charging industry, etc.

  • How to properly select power supply for renewable industry applications.

  • The trends in renewable applications.

  • Mornsun successful power solutions available for renewable applications.

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