Wireless Temperature Measurement in Power System


Sometimes there are accidents or fire in Power system, caused by faulty of system and insulation aging, over load, and bad contact. For guarding against the accident or fire by this reason, application of power system high voltage wireless temperature measurement has been researched. It can provide more reliability while inspector is absent on the spot, because contact spot of power bus will be real time monitored and then all generated information should be send to monitoring device for inspector reference; That means inspector can know all information about these contact spot well at any time, it`s easy to monitor. So this solution for power system has been widely used in following areas: 1).The conductive contact of the high voltage power transmission and power bus contact`s spot temperature detection; 2). The temperature monitoring of High voltage switchgear, transformer, capacitor etc. 3).The circuit breaker operating mechanism box, box-type substation, underground cable temperature monitoring, etc. 

This solution for power system high voltage wireless temperature measurement adopts AC220V power supply, with the time record function, high temperature warning and over-temperature alarm function, and can be the scene of the testing temperature data through the RS485,also the generated information will be uploaded to the background computer remote monitoring.

The Main power supply of this solution adopts Mornsun`s AC/DC products LH15-10D0524-02ER2, 5v output voltage supply for the LCD screen, keyboard, the alarm light and communication module; And 3.3 V with step-down by LDO can be used to MCU: output voltage 24v can be used to power for relay,   

The inspector can do something to prevent accidents happened by this signal which is passed by optical coupling transmit through relay and alarm. According to these signals and alarm, kinds of accident can be avoided.   

The power supply of Communication module adopts Mornsun power supply B0505S-1WR2, it`s the second generation which is widely used in a variety of communication occasions, such as RS485 and CAN. The functions of solution are lower cost, short circuit, wide temperature range and high reliability, etc. Please kindly pay attention that the EMC design is very importance because this solution is applied to high voltage power supply system. We recommend that customer need to add a MEC circuit in front of power supply according to date sheet of power product. Or it`s also a better choice to use Mornsun EMC filter module which can be found at date sheet of power product.

5V output voltage and 24V output voltage have been integrated, reducing customers’ costs; Using LH15-10D0512-02ER2 specialized for Power system, which meets surge level 4 without any external circuit;  Using the second generation power supply, with higher reliability; More reliability EMC module can be selected, which can help power supply pass surge ±4kV/±6kV.