Wireless personnel position system


Mining personnel position system uses wireless radio frequency technique / data processing technique/data communication technology/geo-information system, combine with positioning technology, which realizes the accurate positioning of underground personnels and other business needs (Mobile phone communication/gas and other data transmission/Wireless video monitoring). This system not only can provide abundant data and graphic information, but also can monitor underground personnels in real time/current position of devices/walking path/calculate the number and distribution of underground personnels, provide attendance functions according to the actual situation of the mine, thus, safety production monitoring center can grasp various safety production elements in different positions underground before accident appears.

Charger charges up the storage battery, at the same time supplies electricity for other load circuits from the system. For load circuit, it contains a battery power detection circuit which can monitor and protect the storage battery. For the storage battery, it is mainly used to guarantee the normal work of the system when the charging generator is abnormal. In load circuit, the signal transmission is supplied by isolated DC-DC products which can guarantee the stability and accuracy of signal transmission. Meanwhile, the processor and sensors can be supplied by LDO and DC-DC converters.

Mining personnel position system can realize two main functions: One is it can provide positive and effective precautions before accident; the other is that it not only can rapidly search the exact location of underground workers when accident happened, but also can search the workers a long time after the accident, thus we can make timely and effective rescue measures, finally carry out effective rescue commands.