Medical controller


Automatic blood cell analyzer collects the information of blood cells with electrical impedance or laser scattering method, then using automatic syringe, hematocrit, diluting, vortex mixer, dosing device and a vacuum pump to complete the absorption, dilution, transfer, mixing and put the sample to the testing area for each parameter. And then the analyzer amplifies, screens and sharp the test signal, finally obtain the testing result. This machine is widely used in clinical testing.

With the input of 220VAC hospital network and multiple outputs from the AC/DC converter, the equipment get the supply voltage the system needed, such as 5V12V24V, The 5V voltage usually power to processing chip like MCU. However, the op amp circuit of the system generally demands ± voltage, so there is a DC/DC power supply to convert into ± voltage in the circuit.

Mornsun provides high reliability power solution with high isolation between input and output for medical vacuum sterilizer controller, which meets the requirement of medical high isolation and safe reliability. The solution can effectively isolate the interference signal from control field device and improve the accuracy of signal collection. On the other hand, the power supply has multi functions such as constant voltage output, low ripple, low noise and complete protection.