Railway Switch Indication System


Product Background: Turnout is an essential equipment for railway system , which supplies a channel for the locomotive from one track into another track. Once the turnout did not work , it may lead to accident of two locomotives running on the same track when entering the station. So monitoring the turnout working condition is important for railway system.

WRB1212S-3WR2 transforms the bus voltage to 12V DC of an isolation voltage for the internal circuits. 
--Solve the voltage dropping of long wire transforming 
--Decrease interference of big area 
--Increase the reliability

F1212T-W2 transforms the 12V DC to input signal modulating of isolation voltage which the value is 12V; 
--Compact SMD package 
--Operating temperature range:-40℃~+85℃ 
--No external component required and easy to use 
--3000VDC isolation voltage improves common mode voltage of transient front-end signal system. 

TD301D485H achieves the communication between the monitoring system and the host. 

--Prevent the wrong operation 

--Reduce the risk of fault 

--Higher reliability