Wireless Telemetry System


The module is mainly used for powering the communication IC RS232/CAN/RS422. The isolation power module avoids signal interferences and ensures the stability of signal transmission.
For the mentioned solution, the loss of LM7805 is high, so customer could choose Mornsun K78 series for higher efficiency.

The power converter is mainly used in wireless telemetry terminal. It monitors all the operating conditions of the elevator, at the same time processes and transmits the data.

The wireless transmitting module transmits the processed data to the server for further processing.

Fault signals monitoring: power system exceptions, elevator door failure, breakdown after self-protection, safety device operation, trap accident, elevator starting failure, etc.

Recommendation 1: Fixed input 1W series ----Widely used in control and communication systems
>Isolation voltage up to 1500VDC;

>Output short circuit protection

>Small dimension: 12.7mm*10mm*8.2mm

>High efficiency up to 82%, and up to 50% with only 10% load;

>Lower ripple & noise

>Operation temperature: -40~+105℃

>Electrostatic discharge: 8KV

>EMI meets CISPR22/EN55022CLASS B


Recommendation 2: DC/DC K78 series----Widely used in control systems
>Efficiency up to 96%

>Operation temperature: -40℃~+85℃

>Short circuit protection and overheat protection

>Lower ripple & noise: 20mVp-p

>Compact size

>EMI meets CISPR22/EN55022CLASS B