DC-DC Converters B05xxLS/LD-1WR2 Optimized for Battery Management Systems
    Mornsun has introduced 50Vdc and 60Vdc DC/DC converter, the B05xxLD-1WR2 and B05xxLS-1WR2 series, respectively, designed specifically for battery management systems (BMS). These DC/DC converters are optimized for BMS employing the LTC680X chip from Linear Technology to monitor each lithium battery block. 
   The series meets the requirements of EMI CISPR25 CLASS 3 standard and electrostatic discharge of ISO 10605±8KV and have high reliability. The operating temperature range is -40 to +85 degrees C and they have 1500Vdc input-to-output isolation.

Features :
   Meet requirements of EMI CISPR25 CLASS 3 standard 
   Operating temperature: -40℃ to +85℃
   Efficiency up to 79%
   High power density
   Isolation: 1500VDC
   International standard pin-out


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