Inrush Current Suppression Module for Railway Power Supply - FS Series

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In the application of railway power supply products, the DC/DC power supply front stage requires anti-reverse connection and over-current protection.

To address this problem, MORNSUN has developed a series of current suppression modules for railway power supply URF series products, to meet customer design requirements and reduce design costs.


1. Effectively suppress the inrush current

When using a switching power supply in a railway application, a large inrush current may be generated during start-up due to the high supply voltage. (Inrush current should be less than 3 times the input current.) The FS-A(C)xxP(-N) can effectively suppress the inrush current from 230A to 6.1A, providing reliable protection for the backstage system.

2. Simplify user circuit design

Conventional discrete design typically uses diodes and thermistors to solve the problem of inrush current suppression and over-current protection. However, if engineers consider the temperature rise, the whole circuit complexity can increase, leading to a larger occupation of the circuit board. MORNSUN FS-A(C)xxP(-N) modules with simple peripherals can reduce the volume by 50% and while also integrating anti-reverse and power-down protection functions. This effectively simplifies the user's design and makes it more flexible.

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FS-A(C)xxP(-N) series are compatible with MORNSUN’s railway power supply products and can be used in rail transit and industrial control such as vehicle centralized lighting, air conditioning, and related vehicle-mounted equipment.

FS-A(C)xxP(-N) series are compatible with MORNSUN’s railway power supplies.jpg


  • Wide input voltage range: 9-36V, 14-160V

  • Operating temperature range: -40℃ to +105℃

  • Input inrush current suppression

  • Input anti-reverse connection protection

  • Input under-voltage protection

* For detailed information please refer to the related datasheet, product news is for reference only.
Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Vin(VDC) Operating Temperature Package Dimension(mm) Supporting Power Supply Surge Voltage (KV) Footprint & 3D Datasheet Sample Buy
FS-AXZP 9~36 -40~105℃ DIP 32.00*20.00*10.80 DC-DC ±2
FS-AXZP-N 9~36 -40~105℃ DIP 32.00*20.00*10.80 DC-DC ±2
FS-CXZP 14~160 -40~105℃ DIP 32.00*20.00*10.80 DC-DC ±2
FS-CXZP-N 14~160 -40~105℃ DIP 32.00*20.00*10.80 DC-DC ±2

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