Electromagnetic Buzzer Driving Controller - SCM3560ATA

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Introduction of SCM3560ATA driving controller

SCM3560ATA is a cost-efficient driving controller for electromagnetic buzzer with build-in power MOSFET. It can run well at a wide voltage range of 3V~24V and has selectable output frequencies of 2.04k, 2.3k, and 2.7kHz which accuracy can be achieved of ±3% with advanced correction technology. It also features low static power consumption of less than 300uA.

Internal integrated power MOSFET and degaussing diode can simplify the peripheral circuit and reduce the cost.

Advantages of SCM3560ATA driving controller

Pain point 1: To adapt to the input voltage of 3~24V, 5 different types of buzzers need to be used.

Solution: Mornsun SCM3560ATA controller ICs can be applied to the voltage range from 3 to 24V, which is easy to achieve material normalization.

Pain point 2: Normally, the buzzer frequency is fixed. The buzzer frequency is expected to stay the same when updating the product design.

Solution: Mornsun SCM3560ATA has selectable output frequencies of 2.04k, 2.3k, and 2.7kHz, so you can choose the buzzer type you want.

Pain point 3: A high cost leads to a lack of price advantage in the product.

Solution: Mornsun SCM3560ATA can simplify the peripheral circuit and reduce the cost.

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Applications of Mornsun cost-efficient driving controller

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SCM3560ATA can be applied to SMD and through-hole electromagnetic buzzers and can be used with passive buzzers or replace the active buzzer discrete devices. 

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Features of Mornsun SCM3560ATA

  • Operating ambient temperature: -40℃ ~ +125℃

  • Ultra-wide operating voltage range: 3~24V

  • Without peripheral circuit required

  • Without buzzer feedback winding required, cost-saving

  • Output quasi-constant sound pressure in the full voltage input range

  • Buzzer model normalization based on a wide input voltage range

  • Good consistency, solving the problem of self-oscillation reliability

  • Typical output frequency: 2.04k, 2.3k and 2.7kHz

  • Frequency accuracy: ±3%

  • Over-temperature protection

* For detailed information please refer to the related datasheet, product news is for reference only.
Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Package VINV Ivdd(min)(mA) Ivdd(max)(mA) Tj(℃) VDD(max)(V) Datasheet Sample Buy
SCM3560A SOT-23-G 3-24 - - -40~125 30

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