Ultra-compact Size Half-duplex Enhanced RS-485 Transceiver - SCM3401BFA

Mornsun new SCM3401BFA is a half-duplex enhanced transceiver designed for the RS-485 network. This new transceiver adopts DFN 3X3 package to meet customers’ needs of smaller size. Powered by 5Vdc, the SCM3401BFA transceiver is fully compliant with TIA/EIA-485A standards and is suitable for data transmission of up to 1Mbps. In addition, the bus receiver is designed with a 1/8 unit load and its bus load capacity is up to 256 nodes to meet more nodes requirements. 

On the basis of traditional IC, SCM3401BFA focuses on strengthening the reliability design of pinA and pinB(including the driver over-current protection and enhanced ESD design), the ESD protection level of A and B pins can be up to 15KV(Human Body Model).

Widely used in applications of industrial automation, building automation, smart electricity meters, remote signal interaction, transmission, etc.

Figure 1: Typical Application Circuit

- Ultra-compact size, DFN 3X3 package
5VDC single supply operation
Baud rate up to 1Mbps
1/8 unit load - up to 256 nodes on a bus
Low quiescent power as low as 0.3mA 
Shutdown mode power as low as 50nA
Bus-pin ESD protection up to 15kV

Driver short circuit protection

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Busform VCC Signaling Rate(Max) (Mbps) No of Channel Interface Voltage Explicit Timeout Nodes Number Package Features Duplex Mode Datasheet Sample
SCM3401B RS485 4.5~5.5 1 1 -8~+13 - 256 DFN(3X3) - Half SCM3401B

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