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Switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) can be found in most battery-operated equipment where high efficiency and small sizes are required. AC-DC switched-mode power supplies are omnipresent around us: from phone chargers and computer's power supplies to regular consumer electronics and more. 

They have become the workhorse of efficient power conversion, taking a mains voltage AC input and converting it down to a low voltage DC output. From an industrial standpoint, AC-DC enclosed switching power supplies are preferred because of their wide input voltage range, wide operating temperature, and excellent EMC performance.

We at MORNSUN offer a wide selection of AC-DC enclosed switching power supplies for modules ranging from 15W to 1000W. There are many reasons why our clients choose us. The reliability and performance of our power supply rank as one of the top value propositions we are proud to offer. 

We know that as a technical engineer, your time is precious. Below we have enlisted some of the best-selling MORNSUN SMPS and their main applications in your industry. We release new products weekly, so you can monitor our product news for the latest updates. 

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What industries can benefit from using enclosed switching power supplies?

Enclosed switching power supplies can be used in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

● Industrial automation

● Charging stations

● LED lighting

● Street light control

● Electric power

● Home automation and smart buildings

● Internet of things (IoT)

● Medical devices


How can MORNSUN help you?

MORNSUN  is one of few power supply manufacturers that have its own independent Intellectual Property Rights of integrated circuit, innovative transformer structure, assembly system and appearance design. Over the past 23 years, MORNSUN applied more than 1300 patents for inventions.

Our products have already helped companies and engineers from all over the world to achieve better performance and more efficient resource management. Our distribution network covers 40+ countries worldwide, including our subsidiaries in Germany and the United States. 

Contact us to request more information on how our power supplies solutions can help you.

How can MORNSUN help you based on your industry?

The MORNSUN Enclosed SMPS can be applied to a broad spectrum of industries and scenarios. The AC/DC Enclosed Switching Power Supplies are no exception:

1. MORNSUN’s Enclosed SMPS for the Industrial Control Industry

The interference between equipment is a serious challenge for technical designers, especially when applied to harsh industrial environments. The MORNSUN enclosed switching power supplies are typically used in a series of machine operations, including numerical control machines, DSC, variable-frequency drives, and refrigeration equipment.

industrial control.jpg

What you need: you need a SMPS power supply with optimal EMC performance and long-term reliability to decrease the impact of possible malfunctions on your industrial operations.

How we can help: the MORNSUN LM100-20B24 is designed to provide quality performance even in the harshest industrial environments thanks to its good EMC performance. This enclosed switching power supply has passed multiple environment reliability tests.

Learn more about the MORNSUN LM100-20B24 Enclosed Switching Power Supply


2. MORNSUN’s Enclosed SMPS Power Supplies for the Security Industry

From security cameras to fire-fighting equipment, security systems need to be constantly turned on to detect any anomaly. However, this state of constant activation can result in higher energy costs. In the security industry, the challenge is finding a reliable and high-quality power supply that can operate for long periods without causing dysfunctions or avoidable costs.


What you need: you need AC/DC SMPS with low power consumption when in a standby state even despite the interference of surrounding ripples and noises.

How we can help: the MORNSUN LM200-10B24 features ultra-low standby power consumption of less than 0.75W@230VAC. This enclosed switching power supply provides reliable sensor sensitivity with a high ability to resist ripple and noises. When you choose the MORNSUN LM200-10B24, you are supported by the technical support provided by our professional FAE team and covered by our 3-year warranty.

Learn more about the MORNSUN LM200-10B24 Enclosed Switching Power Supply



3. MORNSUN’s Enclosed SMPS Power Supplies for the Automation Industry

In the automation industry, you are dealing with delicate and performing robotic machinery that require special attention and care. In particular, the load status of a robotic arm control system can vary greatly, resulting in higher requirements for output stability. Robotic arm control systems usually rely on fans, electric motors, and other inductive components, which require higher output transient power and large interference. 

Automation Industry

What you need: you need AC/DC SMPS to guarantee a stable output for your robotic arm control system without affecting its long-term performance.

How we can help: the MORNSUN LM600-12B24 is designed to provide a strong output capacitive load and transient power. When you choose this enclosed switching power supply, you can rest assured that the output will be stable and performing even in a long time period. 

Learn more about the MORNSUN LM600-12B24 Enclosed Switching Power Supply


4. MORNSUN’s Enclosed SMPS Power Supplies for the Environmental Protection Industry

In the environmental protection industry, enclosed switching power supplies can be used in dust online monitors, water quality monitoring buoys, atmospheric particle analyzers, and online monitoring analyzers for VOCs in water. For applications in monitoring terminal systems, the challenges vary from harsh outdoor environmental conditions to rapid temperature changes and input voltage fluctuations. In particular, all-weather continuous monitoring requires long-term reliability under all environments and weather conditions. 

Environmental Protection Industry

What you need: you need AC/DC SMPS that can support multiple environmental parameters, including PM10, PM2.5, temperature, humidity, wind direction, rainfall, wind speed and atmospheric pressure.

How we can help: the MORNSUN LM150-23B12 provides a stable performance by converting the mains supply into 12V output with an MTBF as high as 300K hours. This series of enclosed switching power supplies features an industrial input voltage range of 85-305VAC, an operating temperature of -30°C to +70°C, and excellent EMC performance. 

Learn more about the MORNSUN LM150-23B12 Enclosed Switching Power Supply


5. MORNSUN’s Enclosed SMPS Power Supplies for the IoT Industry

When designing outdoor applications of IoT technology, you are faced with some significant challenges, including harsh weather conditions, high day-night temperature fluctuations, and stringent requirements for high-temperature reliability. Enclosed switching power supplies can be used in a variety of products. Some examples include intelligent express cabinets, vending machines, shared massage chairs, and shareable chargers. 

IoT Industry.jpg

What you need: you need AC/DC SMPS that can deliver reliable performance throughout the day despite a limited number of power sources or other factors

How we can help: the MORNSUN LM150-22B12 is one of the most cost-effective product series in our catalog. This collection of narrow-range enclosed switching power supplies reduces both the maintenance costs and the number of power supplies needed.

Learn more about the MORNSUN LM150-22B12 Enclosed Switching Power Supply


6. MORNSUN’s Enclosed SMPS Power Supplies for the Intelligent Transportation Industry

In scenarios related to the intelligent transportation industry, there are several electromagnetic interference factors to consider. From fluctuations in the input voltage to changes in outdoor temperatures, the working environment of such technology can be dusty, humid, and oftentimes unaccommodating. Enclosed switching power supplies can be used in DC charging stations, ETC antenna communication systems, electronic bus stop signages, and LED traffic signages. 

Intelligent Transportation Industry.jpg

What you need: you need an AC/DC switch-mode power supply that can support the performance of your intelligent transportation technology under all weather and humidity conditions.

How we can help: the MORNSUN LM150-23Bxx is a collection of enclosed switching power supplies with a wide input voltage range of 85-305VAC, designed to support all voltage fluctuations. With an operating temperature between -30̊C to +70̊C, this series of enclosed SMPS is a reliable option for working environments at both the highest and lowest temperatures. We designed this collection to have a three-proof function and a lighting surge immunity as high as 4KV. 

Learn more about the MORNSUN LM150-23Bxx Enclosed Switching Power Supply



We offer a wide array of enclosed SMPS designed to power up the productivity and efficiency of your technology solutions. The MORNSUN AC/DC Enclosed SMPS is compact and rugged in design to ensure an efficient and reliable performance under all circumstances. 

Click here to view more details about the MORNSUN AC/DC Enclosed SMSP.

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