Half-duplex Enhanced RS-485 Interface Chip Compatible With Traditional 485 Chip
      SCM3401A is a half-duplex enhanced transceiver designed for RS-485 data bus networks. Powered by 5V supply, the SCM3401A is fully compliant with TIA/EIA-485A standard and is suitable for data transmission of up to 1Mbps. Receivers have exceptionally high input impedance, which places only 1/8 of the standard load on a shared bus and up to 256 transceivers.
      SCM3401A's pin and performance are compatible with traditional IC, the reliability design of A, B pin is emphasized, including driver output over current protection and enhanced ESD design. The ESD protection level of A, B pin can be up to 15KV (Human Body Model). 

5.0V Single Supply Operation
▶ Baud Rate Up to 1Mbps
▶ 1/8 Unit Load-Up to 256 Nodes on a Bus
▶ Low Quiescent Power
   -0.3mA Active Mode
   -50nA Shutdown Mode
▶ Bus-Pin ESD Protection Up to 15KV

▶ Driver short circuit protection


SOP-8  package

Typical Application Circuit:

 For more details, please refer to the datasheet

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Busform VCC Signaling Rate(Max) (Mbps) No of Channel Interface Voltage Explicit Timeout Nodes Number Package Features Duplex Mode Datasheet Sample
SCM3401A RS485 4.5~5.5 1 1 -8~+13 - 256 SOP-8 - Half SCM3401A


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