MORNSUN High-reliability DIN rail power supply– the "Worry-free Choice" for Applications in Harsh Environments


  • Pain Points and Power Solutions for Applications in Harsh Environments

  • Selection of DIN rail Power Supply: Choose the RIGHT Module Projects

  • In industrial manufacturing environments, both power supplies and semiconductors are used in a wide range of applications, and different industries have different industry standards, which means that the demand for industrial power supplies also varies. In applications with demanding reliability requirements, such as wind power and railway, precision manufacturing, new energy, and other high-end manufacturing industries, their industry characteristics and standards dictate the need for higher efficiency, higher reliability, and better performance of DIN-rail power supplies.


    MORNSUN has the high-reliability DIN rail power supply LIMF/LIHF series to meet the market demand for high reliability and fast delivery.


    So, what makes the high-reliability DIN rail power supply LIMF/LIHF series"high-reliability"? What industry pain points can it solve? How should we select the right DIN Rail power supply for the actual application? This article will give you detailed answers.


    Pain Points and Power Solutions for Applications in Harsh Environments

    Case 1: Wind power generation

    Wind power can be divided into onshore wind power, offshore wind power, etc. They are usually installed at high altitudes or on the sea surface and will be affected by salt spray, dust, high tide humidity, high altitude, etc. In such a harsh application environment, it will cost high maintenance once the power supply is damaged.

    environment factor of harsh application environment

    Case 2: Industrial control DCS systems

    Industrial control DCS systems are usually used in petrochemical, metallurgical, nuclear, and other high-end manufacturing industries, where the working environment will be affected by high temperatures, and vibrations, while an abnormal line stop will bring huge losses. 

    environmental factors of SMPS inIndustrial control DCS systems

    From the above 2 typical cases, we will find the common point of these industries: "If a power supply is damaged, it will cause huge losses in terms of manpower and material resources"! Therefore, they have very high requirements for power supply reliability! For the following industry pain points. The high-reliability DIN rail power supply LIMF/LIHF series integrates multi-dimensional research and development results, such as circuit design, component selection, process, and application reliability design, to match the market demand. 

    high-reliability DIN rail power supply LIMF/LIHF series advantages

    Application requirement 1: Meeting special industry standards

    For applications where explosives such as flammable gases, vapors, dust, or fibers may accumulate, power supplies are required to meet strict explosion-proof certification: the IECEx certification system. They cannot be used in such applications if the design specifications do not meet the requirements of explosion-proof certification. 

    industries need IECEx certification system

    MORNSUN's high-reliability DIN rail power supply LIMF/LIHF series is designed and produced in strict accordance with the explosion-proof system for control.


    Design compliance to specification: IECEx certification system intervenes from the principle design of the product and material selection, throughout the entire life cycle of the product. The selection of special devices requires ceramic fuses, high-temperature relays, etc.; the clearance and creepage distance both meet the IECEx certification.

    Production control: In accordance with (ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018), supplier brand and batch, production records are traceable, and documents kept for over 10 years. Dedicated production line, implement annual audit.


    Application requirement 2: Reliable under strong EMC interference work conditions

    The requirements for EMC in special industries are very high.

    Even the EMC level (surge meets IEC/EN 61000-4-5 line to line ±2KV/line to ground ±4KV, ESD meet IEC/EN61000-4-2 ±6KV/8KV) that are considered high standards in conventional industries, still cannot meet the demand of special industries.


    The high-reliability DIN rail power supply LIMF/LIHF series stable operated under strong EMC work interference. It features excellent EMC performance, such as surge meets IEC/EN 61000-4-5 line to line ±3KV/line to ground ±6KV, which meets the heavy industry level, ESD meets IEC/EN61000-4-2 ±8KV/15KV, which meets the medical industry standards. In addition, the LIMF/LIHF series has the advantages of high performance, such as high efficiency of up to 95.5%, and 120% output power reserves at 40℃ (PowerBoost), to solve user design margin trouble, which makes it more secure and reliable in high-end industries.


    Application requirement 3: Stable operated in harsh environments

    Altitude: LIMF/LIHF series is designed to meet the safety distance requirements, which makes its operating altitude up to 5000m.

    Operating temperature: Temperature changes can cause the parameter drift of electronic components, resulting in the equipment not working normally, and also may cause the electronics to thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in mechanical structure inflexibility or jamming phenomenon. Mainstream products (-30 to +70 ℃) on the market can not meet the requirements of special industries.

    Salt spray corrosion: In the offshore or marine application environment, salt spray corrosion accumulated on the circuit board may cause short-circuit failure, so it is necessary for the product structure design and processing process to consider protective measures.

    Grid voltage fluctuation: In scenarios where the grid has equipment with large load variations, the grid voltage will fluctuate widely, which can cause tripping and fires of equipment in severe cases.

    High reliability DIN rail power supply can stable operated in harsh environments

    In the design process, the Mornsun high-reliability DIN rail power supply LIMF/LIHF series has been in accordance with the national standard requirements for extreme environmental testing verification, to ensure the high reliability of the product to work stably in harsh environment application conditions.

    High temperature and high humidity test: Pass the 1000 times cycle working test at 85℃ high temperature and 85% humidity, ensuring its reliability under extreme conditions.

    48h salt spray test: Pass the continuous 48-hour grade salt spray proof test, ensuring operated stably in extremely harsh environments, such as the seaside or desert.

    Ultra-wide operating temperature range design: With an ultra-wide operating temperature of -40℃ to +85°C, it can work at full load at 60°C.

    Universal input voltage range: 85 - 277VAC/120 - 390VDC, AC or DC input at the same terminal, built-in 450Vdc large electrolytic capacitor, suitable for complex grid environment.

    5-year warranty: Ultra-long life, 40℃ MTBF: 878K hours.

    Mornsun high-reliability DIN rail power supply has been verified with extreme environmental testing

    Structure upgraded for user friendly

    Mornsun high-reliability DIN rail power supply LIMF/LIHF series upgraded its construction and details, as convenient as possible for customers to use! 

    Mornsun high-reliability DIN rail power supply as convenient as possible for customer to use

    Selection of DIN rail Power Supply: Choose the RIGHT Module 

    Selection of MORNSUN DIN rail Power Supply

    MORNSUN has DIN different DIN rail power supply family cater to the various needs of different working conditions and different industries:

    Conventional single-phase DIN rail power supply,

    Three-phase DIN rail power supply,

    High-reliability three-phase four-wire DIN rail power supply.


    It is recommended to select the DIN rail power supply according to the actual industry requirements, application scenarios, and power solution selection.  For the industry with universality, such as the light industry, IoT, etc., taking into account the cost and compatibility, it is recommended to choose a conventional din rail power supply.

    If the industry needs explosion-proof certification, the requirements of parameters and reliability are higher, it is recommended to choose a high-reliability DIN rail power supply. 

    suggested selection of mornsun din rail power supplies

    The power supply is the core component of the equipment, choosing the right power supply not only to save maintenance costs but also to help improve the competitiveness of the equipment. So it is the key to choosing suitable and reliable power supply products for different application scenarios.


    MORNSUN AC/DC DIN rail power supply rated from 15W to 960W is available for various applications in different environments, providing more reliable, stable, and safe power in customers' systems.

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