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The main function of the TD331S485-L/TD531S485-L series is to convert a logic level signal into isolated RS485 differential level signals. The special integrated IC technology of the RS485 transceiver achieves isolation between the power supply and the signal lines isolation, does RS485 communication and protects the bus all in one and the same module. The product's isolated power supply withstands a test voltage of up to 2500VDC. The Products are using pick and place SMD technology, thus enabling the use of fully automated processing. Also, they can easily be embedded in the user's end equipment, to achieve fully functional RS485 network connections. The products feature ultra-low power consumption and are guaranteed in coal mines, chemical industry areas with continue operating at low energy consumption.

MORNSUN_Signal Isolation - Transceiver Module_TD5(3)31S485-L

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Product No. Integrated Power No of Channel Transmission Rate(bps) Vin(VDC) Nodes Number Isolation Package Features Footprint & 3D Markings Datasheet Sample
TD331S485-L 1 19.2K 3.3 16 2500VDC SMD Ultra-low power consumption
TD531S485-L 1 19.2K 5 16 2500VDC SMD Ultra-low power consumption

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