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1.  Preface

Rail transportation is a common way for us to travel. There are many types of trains such as trains, subways, trams, combustion engine trains and so on.

Rail transportation is a common way for us to travel

To improve reliability and comfort in the railway industry, a lot of electronic equipment is applied in stations, trackside and on-board train systems, such as PIS(Passenger Information System), lighting control system, door control system, emergency communication system, train operation monitoring system, braking, insulation detection system, axle temperature alarm system, etc. These systems are frequently used by passengers or are difficult to access, but all of them require efficient and reliable power supplies.

Applications in stations, trackside and on-board train systems


2.  Ensure product reliability based on EN50155

The railway industry has stringent requirements for electronic equipment and devices on vehicles to ensure that they can withstand the harsh working environment. EN 50155 applies to all electronic equipment installed in railway vehicles for control, adjustment, protection and power supply, and covers battery-powered systems and low-voltage power supplies directly connected or not to the contact system. It has strict requirements for the input voltage range, safety and common requirement of power supplies in equipment. These are explained in more detail below:


1)   Ultra-wide input voltage range

In the global mainstream railway system, different countries require different voltages for train internal control systems, such as 24V, 28V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 96V and 110V. According to the EN 50155 standard for railway power supply, the DC/DC power supply must operate stably in the range of supply voltage variation to ensure the stability of the backup power supply equipment. At voltage fluctuations in the range of 0.7 to 1.25 times (16.8V ~ 137.5V), the power supply equipment should be able to work steadily for a long time. Beyond the voltage fluctuation range, within 0.7 to 0.6 times, the power supply equipment is required to be able to work stably for 100ms, while within 1.25 to 1.4 times, it is only required to work stably for 1s.


To meet the power needs and certification requirements of the global railway system, it is preferable to design the input range of ultra-wide voltage power supplies from 14V to 160V.


MORNSUN railway power supplies have 4:1 and 12:1 ultra-wide input voltage ranges of up to 14-160VDC, which can meet a variety of global power supply applications.

 Fig.1 Standard requirements for railway power supply input voltage design

2)   Safety

Due to the high requirements for safety, the power supply for the railway industry must meet the strict insulation voltage requirements. According to the voltage test (dielectric test), the insulation voltage must reach 1500VAC, while in high altitude and cold areas, the insulation voltage requirement of the power supply is higher, much higher than 1500VAC.


MORNSUN railway power supply is designed with reinforced insulation to achieve input-output isolation of 3000VAC and input-shell isolation of 2500VAC to meet 5000m altitude applications.

Fig.2 Internal reinforced insulation design of railway power supply

3)   Common requirement

As the railway system has high-reliability requirements after the power supply is cut off, the back-end equipment can still be operated for a period of time to store hold-up state data and orderly switch to the backup power supply, so the front end of the power supply module is required to have energy storage capacitors to maintain 10mshold-up time protection time.


1/4 brick 6-100W UWTH1DxxQB-xxWR3 series, one of MORNSUN's railway power supply products, adopts the design of active hold-up time protection technology, which can achieve 10ms hold-up time with a unified simple peripheral circuit and a capacitor of only 470uF/100V in the rated voltage range of 24-110V from the vehicle battery.

 Fig3. Comparison of the energy storage capacitor capacity required by the traditional industry solution and the MORNSUN solution


In addition, UWTH1DxxQB-xxWR3 features a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +105°C, low no-load consumption of as low as 0.6W, and meets EN62368, EN50155, and EN45545 standards.


3. MORNSUN one-stop power solutions for the railway industry

MORNSUN 6-400W Railway Power Supply, which meets the EN50155 certification standard, has advantageous features such as 4:1 and 12:1 wide voltage input and reinforced insulation of up to 3000VAC.

. MORNSUN one-stop power solutions for the railway industry


By using matched EMC filters to meet the EMC requirements of the railway standard, it is suitable for various applications, including PIS systems, air conditioner control systems, business class seat systems, bus communication systems, and power monitoring systems. In addition, we can customize special products according to your specific needs to provide you with one-stop power supply solutions, and simplify your challenges of railway applications.

 . MORNSUN one-stop power solutions for the railway industry


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