Reliability & Applicability: AC/DC DIN Rail Power Supply with High Performance - 15-480W LI Series

Just as its name suggests, the DIN rail power supply has rail clips in the enclosure design, which can be directly installed on the 35mm DIN rail in the electrical cabinet same as contactor, relay and terminal. At present, the market is dominated by single-phase and three-phase rail power supply.

DIN rail is based on a series of standard rails created by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN). The electrical components supporting this standard can be easily clamped on the rail without screws, which is very convenient to disassemble and replace. Currently, many electrical components adopt this standard, such as PLC, circuit breaker, switch and contactor.

                                              Din rail mounting.jpg

35mm standard mounting.jpg

Nowadays, many automation equipment has strict requirements for time limits of the fault shutdown. The rail power features convenience and speed, which is more suitable for the rapid maintenance of automation equipment.


With huge development potential, fast iteration and continuous innovation, grasping the updated market dynamics, MORNSUN analyzed the market demand characteristics based on its advanced technology level of AC/DC products, integrating such multi-dimensional research and development achievements as circuit process design, component selection, EMC design, application reliability design, etc., and developed 15-480W DIN rail power supply LI series.

MORNSUN cost-effective 15-480W DIN rail power supply LI series.jpg

Ultra-thin design, easy to use and install, and upgraded protection

Optimized component selection and process structure with tiny volume

In recent years, the development trend of miniaturization and lightweight of equipment on the market is increasingly emerging, and more and more attention is paid to the space requirements. Compared with the rail power supply of the same power on the market, the thickness of LI series DIN rail power supply is reduced by more than 30%, so the LI series tend to be light and compact, which greatly improves the space utilization.

Upgraded enclosure protection

Based on the special application environment of DIN rail on the market, MORNSUN optimizes the shell and ensures the outer frame is protected by nickel plating and the coating is thickened to improve the anti-corrosion oxidation ability so that the LI series can be better applied to the relatively special environment, such as rain forest belt, vegetable shed and other areas with high humidity sensitivity. The screw uses a double-layer anti-skid gasket to reduce the grounding resistance and improve the anti-vibration performance, which is more suitable for the areas with strong vibration performance such as mechanical manufacturing equipment and logistics sorting.

The comparison of outer frame and screw between MORNSUN LI series Din Rail power supply and the conventional products.jpg

Strong anti-interference ability to meet the “intercom” experiment

The interference radiation strength of the intercom is close to 300V (distance equal to 10cm), which is much higher than the industry standard 10V/m and can simulate the stability of the power supply in a high electromagnetic field environment to the greatest extent. LI series products can still work stably under the strong interference environment of intercom operation, ensuring the stability of electrical characteristics of the system.

The output of MORNSUN DIN rail / open frame / SMPS is all stable.jpg

Reduce cost and increase efficiency

Optimize heat dissipation design to improve conversion efficiency

According to the life calculation of the electrolytic capacitor, its life is reduced by half for every 10 ℃ increase in temperature. Through the optimized design of circuit topology, LI series improves the efficiency of power supply of the whole machine, reduces power loss, up to 94% with lower heat loss, and fundamentally strengthens the service life of products and the tolerance to the high-temperature working environment.

According to the test and comparison of the same type of 240W DIN rail power supply on the market, LIF series (with active PFC function) has obvious advantages in efficiency and temperature rise indicators.

The comparison of efficiency and temperature rise test between MORNSUN LI series Din Rail power supply and the same type of 240W DIN rail power supply on the market.jpg

Safe and reliable, excellent and widely applied

High degree of process automation

The device layout in product design is very important to product performance. If the device layout is not carefully planned, it will bring a series of adverse reactions, such as complex processing technology, high human risk, errors, poor heat dissipation and low reliability. Most of the internal devices of LI series products meet the requirements of AI automation plug-ins and could reduce production costs. The main power device is in contact with the enclosure and simplifies the layout. A convection design heat dissipation design system can effectively improve the heat dissipation performance.

Schematic diagram of internal components of MORNSUN LI series.png

                                                                         Schematic diagram of internal components of LI series

Wide range of operating temperature and comprehensive reliability evaluation

The operating temperature of -40℃ and above 70℃ is acceptable for LI series. Its quick start in a low-temperature environment is not limited and the temperature rise of components in a high-temperature environment is low with long service life, which can be applied all over the world. At the same time, it meets all aspects of reliability assessment in terms of environment, packaging and structure.

MORNSUN LI series Din Rail power supply meets all aspects of reliability assessment in terms of environment, packaging and structure.jpg

Explosion-proof power supply

For petrochemical, explosion-proof and other applications with special needs for explosion-proof, LIF-EX series meets ATEX (product) and IECEx (system) increased safety explosion-proof certification / standard (double certification/standard) and withstands harsh environment with an operating temperature range of -40℃ to +85℃. It also possesses excellent electromagnetic compatibility performance, as CE report and RE meet CLASS B, in accordance with customers' expectations for safety in special applications.

Break trade constraints to build a sustainable supply capacity

Subject to the risk of supply interruption in material supply, it will inevitably prolong the delivery cycle. The raw materials of MORNSUN power supply are offered by multiple brands to ensure the sustainable supply of products.

In addition, covering a production area of up to 60,000 square meters, MORNSUN has established more than 20 SMT lines, with an overall automation degree of more than 60%, and the automation degree of some product lines can even be as high as 85%, with a production capacity of 121KK / year, so as to ensure rapid delivery.

1000 + mature application solutions enable rapid service response

Different from consumer products, the pre-sales and after-sales services of industrial products are particularly important. MORNSUN, owning more than 1,000 power supply design and industrial application cases, has established a fast, efficient and considerate FAE team for this purpose, with all-round technical support and senior FAE localization office, so as to realize on-site response in local and surrounding cities within 4 hours and solve problems in customer application, providing customers with a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services.

MORNSUN has 1000+ mature application solutions and strong technical teams that enable rapid service response to customers worldwide.jpg

Series Power(W) Vin(VAC) Vin(VDC) Vout(VDC) Iout Isolation Footprint & 3D Markings Datasheet Sample
LI15-20B05PR2 12 85-264 120-370 5 2.4A 4000VAC
LI15-20B12PR2 15 85-264 120-370 12 1.25A 4000VAC
LI15-20B15PR2 15 85-264 120-370 15 1A 4000VAC
LI30-20B05PR2 15 85-264 120-370 5 3A 4000VAC
LI15-20B24PR2 15.2 85-264 120-370 24 0.63A 4000VAC
LI15-20B48PR2 15.4 85-264 120-370 48 0.32A 4000VAC
LI30-20B12PR2 24 85-264 120-370 12 2A 4000VAC
LI30-20B15PR2 30 85-264 120-370 15 2A 4000VAC
LI60-20B05PR2 32.5 85-264 120-370 5 6.5A 4000VAC
LI30-20B24PR2 36 85-264 120-370 24 1.5A 4000VAC
LI30-20B48PR2 36 85-264 120-370 48 0.75A 4000VAC
LI60-20B12PR2 54 85-264 120-370 12 4.5A 4000VAC
LI60-20B15PR2 60 85-264 120-370 15 4A 4000VAC
LI60-20B24PR2 60 85-264 120-370 24 2.5A 4000VAC
LI60-20B48PR2 60 85-264 120-370 48 1.25A 4000VAC
LI75-20B12R2S 75.6 90-264 120-370 12 6.3A 4000VAC
LI75-20B24R2S 76.8 90-264 120-370 24 3.2A 4000VAC
LI75-20B48R2S 76.8 90-264 120-370 48 1.6A 4000VAC
LI120-20B12R2S 120 90-264 127-370 12 10A 4000VAC
LI120-20B24R2S 120 90-264 127-370 24 5A 4000VAC
LI120-20B48R2S 120 90-264 127-370 48 2.5A 4000VAC
LIF120-10B12R2 120 85-264 120-370 12 10A 3000VAC
LIF120-10B12R2S-EX 120 85-264 120-370 12 10A 3000VAC
LIF120-10B24R2 120 85-264 120-370 24 5A 3000VAC
LIF120-10B24R2S-EX 120 85-264 120-370 24 5A 3000VAC
LIF120-10B48R2 120 85-264 120-370 48 2.5A 3000VAC
LIF120-10B48R2S-EX 120 85-264 120-370 48 2.5A 3000VAC
LIF120-10B55R2 121 85-264 120-370 55 2.2A 3000VAC
LI150-20B12PR2 135.6 85-264 120-370 12 11.3A 4000VAC
LI150-20B15PR2 142.5 85-264 120-370 15 9.5A 4000VAC
LI150-20B24PR2 150 85-264 120-370 24 6.25A 4000VAC
LI150-20B48PR2 153.6 85-264 120-370 48 3.2A 4000VAC
LIF240-10B12R2 192 85-264 120-370 12 16A 3000VAC
LIF240-10B12R2S 192 85-264 120-370 12 16A 3000VAC
LIF240-10B24R2 240 85-264 120-370 24 10A 3000VAC
LIF240-10B24R2S 240 85-264 120-370 24 10A 3000VAC
LIF240-10B48R2 240 85-264 120-370 48 5A 3000VAC
LIF240-10B48R2S 240 85-264 120-370 48 5A 3000VAC
LIF240-10B55R2 242 85-264 120-370 55 4.4A 3000VAC
LIF480-10B24R2 480 85-264 120-370 24 20A 3000VAC
LIF480-10B48R2 480 85-264 120-370 48 10A 3000VAC




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