Mornsun Successfully Concludes 2019 India Seminars- focuses on high-efficiency power solutions

    Mornsun successfully held power supply technology and high-efficiency application seminars in Hyderabad on 20th August 2019 and Bangalore on  22nd August 2019. Over 160 engineers and partners joined us in our two seminars, and highly praised the subjects presented by our experienced Field  Application Engineers (FAE).

    During the seminars, our FAE shared EMC diagnostic skills along with some case analysis. Engineers also paid their close attention to EMC issues and discussed with our FAE on some specific solutions.   

                In the power supply modules sectors, our FAE mentioned the breakthrough achievements of Mornsun’s new generation DC/DC power supply modules, shared the method how to assess the risk of AC/DC converter applications, and explored some latest issues in the power solutions field. We had enthusiastic feedback from the participating engineers, and the lively discussions covers many applications, including IoT, electric power system, railway, PV, AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) and etc. In the end, some engineers were still wondering discuss more, and expressed their hope to have more specific solutions from Mornsun.

After the seminars, most of the engineers said the seminars were informative and they benefited a lot on site from the discussions and insights in various of power supply applications. For the engineer who has been using Mornsun products, said to our FAE, “Very cost-effective, I will be using them in all machine practical applications. ”

Mornsun delivers one-stop power solutions to help engineers facing with the complexity of power system and the increasing challenge in power technology by making  them worry free about power designing, and free them from the tricky power unit problems to

  enable them fully focus on the implementation of their system function. 

      Thank you to all the participants who attended our Indian seminars. We look forward to hosting more seminars in India soon!


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