MORNSUN Signs A Distribution Agreement with COMPEL

MORNSUN, a Chinese leading vertical industrial power supply manufacturer, announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with COMPEL, one of the largest distributors of electronic components in Russia.
This cooperation expands COMPEL’s product offering into high-quality power supply products include AC/DC converter, DC/DC converter, adapter, isolation transmitter, IGBT driver and LED driver, etc. Typical applications include industrial control, rail transportation, electric power system, new energy, automotive electronics, communications industry, intelligent building, medical industry, mining, etc.

Coupled with the Russia ultimate market leader - COMPEL, is a strategic move for MORNSUN to strengthen its position in the Russia market. A wide range of MORNSUN products will be in stock and available off the shelf for immediate delivery, which allows us to continue to offer our products to many new customers, so our customers will benefit. In addition, COMPEL has a strong sales team and unique service team, and we are confident that this cooperation will improve our customer service and expand our market share in Russia.

COMPEL was founded in 1993, and today is one of the largest Russian distributors who supplies semiconductors, power supplies, passive products and electro mechanics for electronic equipment manufacturers. As a market leader in all product segments, it is dedicated to provide best electronic components to Russian engineers in their developments and ensure the safety of supply chains of components to Russian electronics manufacturers at competitive prices.
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