MORNSUN Power Supply for Smart Home
Power Supply Solution for Smart Home

A smart home is a home that is equipped with a special connected platform enabling its occupants to remotely control and program an array of automated home electronic devices. The smart home market offers a wide array of applications such as residential energy management, security & access control, entertainment control, and HVAC control.
The power supply system is the core of these applications and the foundation to ensure each control system well running. 

Power Supply for Smart Home Controller Smart Household Application
Typical Power Supply Applications of Smart Home
          Building income       Security system level 1 bus     Control system gateway of smart home system   P/N-1: B0505LS-1WR2            B1515LS-1WR2Function:Supply isolated power   P/N:   TD501DCANH3Function:Isolate signal;          supply power    P/N: B0505S-1WR2 Function:Supply power to control board and isolate communication signal           
          Smart switch   Automatic curtain controller     Smart lighting controller P/N:LS05-15B05SSFunction:Supply isolated power to the mainboard              P/N:   LS01-15B12SFunction:I            isolate signal;          supply power   P/N: LS03-15B05SR2S Function:Supply power to control board and isolate communication signal           
The Block Diagram of Smart Switch Control 
Smart Switch Control Diagram 


Usually, the terminal equipment is operated by the means of low power to control high power (such as relay). Therefore, our above AC/DC converter is mainly used to power the MCU and wireless communication module. Through the instruction and control circuit of MCU to achieve the operation of the smart equipment.     


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