New Cost-effective Switching Regulator K78-R3

1. Why DC-DC switching regulator K78-R3?
2. Advantages of K78-R3

Efficiency up to 96%

No heat-sink required

Passive / Negative

output available

Standby input current

as low as 0.1mA

Fast dynamic response time


Short lead-time

2- 4 weeks

Automatic production

Low failure rate


- Wide input voltage range of 6~36VDC
- Low cost solution of SIP package
- Short circuit protection
- Pin-out compatible with LM78XX linear regulators
- Open frame and standard SIP package available

3. Comparison of different solutions


Features Advantages of K78-R3

1117/2576 Discrete ICs

1.Performance and material cost same as K78Lxx-R3.
2.Cost of Design, purchase, maintenance should be considered.
1.All-in one solution helps to save cost of Design, purchase, maintenance…
2.Reliability design analysis ensure product performance and stability.
3.Automatic production lower the failure rate.
4.All-in one solution easy to use and save space.

LM78/LM79 linear regulator

1.Low cost.
2.High power consumption.
3.Heat radiation (eg. step-down 12V to 5V, output current>200mA).
1.Efficiency up to 96%, low power consumption to minimize temperature rise.
2.No heat-sink required saves 40% space.
3.Best choice for the industries which are sensitive to temperature such as mining, monitor of power equipment, precision instrumentation.

Famous manufactures'

1.Same performance with higher price.
2.Lead time: 4-12 weeks.

1.Same performance with a more reasonable price.
2.Lead time of 2-4 weeks.

Products from small companies
1.Lower price with compromise of performance and quality.
1.Reliability design analysis ensure product performance and stability.
2. Automatic production lower the failure rate.



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