R3 DC/DC converter for DTU Application

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DTU Introduction

DTU (Data Transfer unit) transmits the data of remote devices to the control center wirelessly, which is widely used in electric power industry, environmental protection, physical distribution, hydrology, meteorological industry, etc.

Typical Application of DTU

The figure is DTU application in power distribution system. DTU collects the three-phase current signal, voltage signal and switching signal, and then operates according to the analyzed data.

1. Uninterruptible power supply (double power supplies). Switching power supply and accumulator can automatically switch to each other.
2. DC-DC converters accept voltage change caused by the charge and discharge of the accumulator.
3. DC-DC converters support 24V/48V input of accumulator.
4. High isolation voltage prevents the coupled interferences from AC end.
5. If the main power supply and the accumulator are both powers down, the protection time is longer than 500ms.

Recommendation: URF_LP-20WR3

- 4:1 wide input voltage range;

- 3000Vdc isolation voltage;

- Efficiency up to 89%;

- No-load consumption down to 0.12W;

- Operating temperature range:-40℃~+85℃;

- Short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage protection;

- Chassis / DIN-Rail mounting options.

Recommendation: MBP300 Series

- Input voltage range: 165~265 Vac;
- Low stand-by consumption;
- Meets DL/T721-2013 standard;
- The lead-acid battery is rechargeable;
- Charge & discharge management function;
- Battery activation function.

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