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3.3V Voltage Supply, Up to 12Mbps Transmission Speeds, Half-Duplex RS-485 Transceiver - SCM3402ASISep 16, 2019      view:
Mornsun launched a new half-duplex transceiver SCM3402ASI(+3.3V voltage supply), as an extention of SCM3401BFA(+5V voltage supply). Designed for the RS-485 network, the new transceiver SCM3402ASI is fully compliant with TIA/EIA-485A standards. 
The SCM3402ASI transceiver contains a driver and a receiver, both of which can be independently enabled and disabled. When both are disabled, the driver and the receiver output a high-impedance state.
With a 1/8 load, the SCM3402ASI transceiver allows up to 256 transceivers on a Bus to achieve up to 12Mbps error-free data transmission. Its operating voltage range is 3.0-3.6V, and protections include fail-safe, over-temperature, limiting current and over current.


Widely used in applications of industrial automation, building automation, smart electricity meters, remote signal interaction, transmission, etc.

Typical block diagrams:


●  3.3V voltages supply, half-duplex
●  1/8 unit load, allowing up to 256 transceivers on the Bus
●  Transmission rate up to 12Mbps in an electrical noise environment
●  Driver output short-circuit protection
●  Over temperature protection 
●  Low power shutdown function
●  Receiver open circuit protection
●  Strong anti-noise ability

●  Integrated transient voltage resistance function

Reference: Ultra-compact Size Half-duplex Enhanced RS-485 Transceiver - SCM3401BFA

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:     SCM3402A

Product Number:

Series Package Duplex Mode No.of.TX No.of.TR Signaling Rate(Max) (Mbps) No.of.Nodes VCC(V) Design Reference Demo-board Datasheet Sample
SCM3402A SOP-8 Half 1 1 12 256 3.0~3.6 1 1 - -
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